2 May 2016

It's Not Goodbye Forever


Taking a more permanent break from blogging was never something I imagined I would do or even want to do. Over the past year, my life has changed in so many ways. And it's about to change even more as we have a moving date!

I've lost my love for blogging as I couldn't commit to posting as much as I would have liked. Instead of posting every once in a while apologising and promising to get back on track soon, I've decided to take a more permanent break for the time being. That's not to say I wont be back at some point but certainly not in the near future.

 In the meantime, you can still visit my makeup website at http://www.hcmakeupandhair.co.uk/ 

And to leave you on a high ... my 2016 showreel!




  1. These sound really lovely! Xx You will like to see more fun from here.

  2. Nice article, thank you for the sharing


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