13 February 2016

25 before 25

Although I have a bucket list, I've never done one of these posts before so I thought it was time to set myself some pre-quarter-life goals ... is pre-quarter-life even a thing?!?

1. Lose weight - lets get this out the way quickly. In the last year or 2 I have piled on a few unwanted pounds and it's time to shift them! I'm looking at losing 1-2 stone and this is the year!

2. Get fit - alongside losing weight I want to get fit. Y'know, be able to walk up a flight or 2 of stairs and not be out of breath!

3. Move out - this is almost certainly going to happen as my parents are moving and I'm not going with them! It's definitely reached the point where Ben and I need our own place to call home.

4. Make some career choices - having gone from a Geography degree to becoming a freelance makeup artist I still haven't decided if I'm in the right career. I've never wanted to eb a high-flying career woman but I certainly need some form of employment to bring the money in!

5. Lean how to cook - if I'm moving out then I certainly need to learn how to cook. I can cook the basics but I'm not very adventurous. Baking isn't a problem, but cooking? I definitely need more practice.

6. Drink more water - I am notoriously bad at drinking enough water. I have the odd good day where I drink plenty but I really need to make a concerted effort to make this a daily occurence. 

7. Meet new people - I'm always up for meeting new people but if Ben and I are going to move, we certainly need to get out there and meet others. Neither of us will be living in a familiar location so it's important to build up a local network of friends.

8. Go to bed earlier - this is a tough one for me. I'm definitely a night owl rather than an early bird and get distracted watching TV or playing games on my phone late at night! I'm determined to have a better sleep pattern.

9. Get a spray tan - a very random one! Even though I'm as white as a sheet, I've never had a spray tan. This summer, things are going to change.

10. Do a 5k run - I don't want to be unrealistic in my goals by saying I'm going to run a marathon or anything. I mean, I can't even run at the moment so it's going to take some training.

11. Go to Disneyland Paris - I've been to Disneyland Florida but not to the Paris one. The bestie and I have been talking about it for ages, so less chat and more action is required here.

12. Get a new pet - I adore Fred but he's going to be moving with my parents so I feel a new pet is on the agenda. If Ben had his way it would be a fish. If I have my way it will either be a house bunny or a mini sausage dog (shhh, don't tell Ben). 

13 -  Eat more fruit and veg - I'm not the world's worst fruit and veg eater but I certainly don't get my 5 a day. I want to make the effort to eat a lot healthier and try and get my 5 a day at least 5 out of 7 days!

14 - Go to a football match - I've never been to a stadium to watch a football match. Probably because I'm not that into football, however Ben is getting a season ticket to West Ham so I fancy going to see what it's like!

15 - Have a facial - I've never had a facial so this needs to change!

16 - Experiment with clothes - I'm very boring when it comes to clothes and fashion. I stick to jeans and a baggy cardi or jumper because it's easy. I want to try new styles this year and maybe add some colour into my very grey wardrobe!

17 - Promote my blog and makeup website - I'm not very good at putting myself out there so I want to try and network more this year both on the blogging side and for my business.

18 - Go on more adventurous dates - Ben and I tend to go for dinner a lot but this year I want to try new things such as different activities and visit some different places.

19 - Do more crafts and cross stitch - in the past couple of years, I've picked up cross stitch as a hobby. I've just completed a mammoth design and want to continue in my granny ways.

20 - Stop getting addicted to games - I'm the worst for getting addicted to new iPhone games. I could sit and play for hours, which doesn't help with getting to bed early!

21 - Fit back into my Ted Baker dress - I have a lovely Ted Baker dress which I bought for my nephew's christening 2 years ago, however it no longer fits! One of my uni friends is getting married in July and I want to wear it to her wedding. No pressure!

22 - Look after myself - as well as getting fit, losing weight, drinking more water etc., I want to have more me time and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

23 - Go on holiday - we all dream of white sandy beaches with clear blue sea. Well, this comes at a price. With moving out this year, a big holiday isn't on the cards but I would love to do a city break or 2 to split the year up!

24 - Stop feeling like I'm not good enough - I have this terrible habit of putting myself down the whole time. I'm too hard on myself and pressurize myself to be better the whole time. It gets very tiring so I need to believe in myself more!


25 - Blog more! - This year I want to get back into blogging after slacking last year (and this past week!)

Phew, we reached the end. Well done if you made it all the way through. I hope you enjoyed reading my goals and pop back every now and then to see how I'm getting on!

What are your goals for this year?




  1. Those are some great goals, particularly the one about looking after yourself.
    I also want to get back into blogging a bit more too, I've abandoned my blog a bit this past year.


    1. Aw thank you! I wanted to make realistic goals rather than silly ones that weren't going to get completed. Yes you should :) x


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