12 January 2016

Home Decor: Mad About Maps

1. Duvet Cover Set | 2. Lamp Shade | 3. Wall Clock | 4. Bath Mat | 5. Suitcase | 6. Footstool | 7. Coasters | 8. Bunting

I have to admit that I'm still a big map lover even after a career change away from Geography. I have a rather large collection of map-related things such as cushions, wall art, atlases, a map blind in my bedroom, cups and mugs to name a few.

With moving out on the horizon, I've started thinking about how I might like to jazz up my new place. And what better way than to start with maps! I mean it could be a little overkill but so far my love is yet to dwindle! 

I love the old school suitcase and already have an up-cycle idea to make it a vanity station complete with mirror inside. I also love the dual aspect of the foot stool as it has been suggested it could be used as a small coffee/magazine table.

Do you like maps? Or do you have a print or style you like?




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