2 May 2016

It's Not Goodbye Forever


Taking a more permanent break from blogging was never something I imagined I would do or even want to do. Over the past year, my life has changed in so many ways. And it's about to change even more as we have a moving date!

I've lost my love for blogging as I couldn't commit to posting as much as I would have liked. Instead of posting every once in a while apologising and promising to get back on track soon, I've decided to take a more permanent break for the time being. That's not to say I wont be back at some point but certainly not in the near future.

 In the meantime, you can still visit my makeup website at http://www.hcmakeupandhair.co.uk/ 

And to leave you on a high ... my 2016 showreel!



29 February 2016

Quote of the Day #16


This weekend Ben and I made a very exciting step in our lives and bought our first place together. Now it's no done deal and there is a long way to go before it's ours but it's a start. 

However barely 2 days later, all manner of fiascoes have erupted. We risk losing the flat altogether if the bank doesn't cough up our money in time. It's been a stressful 24 hours but we are trying to stay positive. 

I'm being as positive as I can and trying to remind myself that things don't always go to plan but you never know when things could make an about turn. This quote is helping me through and all fingers and toes are crossed!



24 February 2016

Home Decor: A Nautical Bathroom

Moving is getting real now. We've started looking at places (cue a lack in blog posts) and we have some very hopeful viewings this weekend. Pinterest is certainly getting good use from me pinning away to my hearts content for interior inspiration and upcycling ideas.

I love the idea of having a nautical themed bathroom so this week I've been looking at a few bits and pieces. I wouldn't want it to be too overkill with lots of lighthouses and boats but just a few subtle touches.

I love the white chest of drawers as it's nice and simple but brings in the nautical element with the rope handles. I don't want too much clutter in a bathroom but apart from a couple of decorative items, most of these serve a purpose.

I'm still keeping an open mind on the decor front and exploring all the possibilities!

Do you have a themed room? If so, what is the theme? 



16 February 2016

February Glossybox

How cute is this month's box design?!? I will definitely be utilising the box for something as it's just too nice to hide away! Anyway, onto what's actually inside the box ...


This is such an ingenious idea, I'm surprised it hasn't been done before! I get really dry legs after shaving so I'm hoping this will be the perfect solution! 


I've used Naobay's moisturiser in the past and really liked it so I'm looking forward to trying this hair mask. I'm not very good at getting into a routine with hair masks but I could certainly do with using one a little more often!


 I seem to have become a bit of a tweezer fiend and have them in various makeup bags and drawers around the place. I'm also a sucker for a pretty pair. I have a russian doll pair which I love so why not add a floral pair to the collection.


I don't tend to be a big fan of gloss as I can't stand the sticky feeling. This is verging on being too sticky however it's a lovely colour so I'm hoping I will get some wear out of it. I received the shade Serenity (see swatch below).


I  love a good waterproof eyeliner. There is nothing worse than having panda eyes within minutes of applying it. I've not heard of the Nicka K brand so I'm looking forward to trying it out. I've swatched it below and boy was it hard to get off!

Top: MUA's Power Pout Glaze in Serenity & Bottom: Nicka K Waterproof Eyeliner

Do you subscribe to Glossybox? Did you like what you received?



13 February 2016

25 before 25

Although I have a bucket list, I've never done one of these posts before so I thought it was time to set myself some pre-quarter-life goals ... is pre-quarter-life even a thing?!?

1. Lose weight - lets get this out the way quickly. In the last year or 2 I have piled on a few unwanted pounds and it's time to shift them! I'm looking at losing 1-2 stone and this is the year!

2. Get fit - alongside losing weight I want to get fit. Y'know, be able to walk up a flight or 2 of stairs and not be out of breath!

3. Move out - this is almost certainly going to happen as my parents are moving and I'm not going with them! It's definitely reached the point where Ben and I need our own place to call home.

4. Make some career choices - having gone from a Geography degree to becoming a freelance makeup artist I still haven't decided if I'm in the right career. I've never wanted to eb a high-flying career woman but I certainly need some form of employment to bring the money in!

5. Lean how to cook - if I'm moving out then I certainly need to learn how to cook. I can cook the basics but I'm not very adventurous. Baking isn't a problem, but cooking? I definitely need more practice.

6. Drink more water - I am notoriously bad at drinking enough water. I have the odd good day where I drink plenty but I really need to make a concerted effort to make this a daily occurence. 

7. Meet new people - I'm always up for meeting new people but if Ben and I are going to move, we certainly need to get out there and meet others. Neither of us will be living in a familiar location so it's important to build up a local network of friends.

8. Go to bed earlier - this is a tough one for me. I'm definitely a night owl rather than an early bird and get distracted watching TV or playing games on my phone late at night! I'm determined to have a better sleep pattern.

9. Get a spray tan - a very random one! Even though I'm as white as a sheet, I've never had a spray tan. This summer, things are going to change.

10. Do a 5k run - I don't want to be unrealistic in my goals by saying I'm going to run a marathon or anything. I mean, I can't even run at the moment so it's going to take some training.

11. Go to Disneyland Paris - I've been to Disneyland Florida but not to the Paris one. The bestie and I have been talking about it for ages, so less chat and more action is required here.

12. Get a new pet - I adore Fred but he's going to be moving with my parents so I feel a new pet is on the agenda. If Ben had his way it would be a fish. If I have my way it will either be a house bunny or a mini sausage dog (shhh, don't tell Ben). 

13 -  Eat more fruit and veg - I'm not the world's worst fruit and veg eater but I certainly don't get my 5 a day. I want to make the effort to eat a lot healthier and try and get my 5 a day at least 5 out of 7 days!

14 - Go to a football match - I've never been to a stadium to watch a football match. Probably because I'm not that into football, however Ben is getting a season ticket to West Ham so I fancy going to see what it's like!

15 - Have a facial - I've never had a facial so this needs to change!

16 - Experiment with clothes - I'm very boring when it comes to clothes and fashion. I stick to jeans and a baggy cardi or jumper because it's easy. I want to try new styles this year and maybe add some colour into my very grey wardrobe!

17 - Promote my blog and makeup website - I'm not very good at putting myself out there so I want to try and network more this year both on the blogging side and for my business.

18 - Go on more adventurous dates - Ben and I tend to go for dinner a lot but this year I want to try new things such as different activities and visit some different places.

19 - Do more crafts and cross stitch - in the past couple of years, I've picked up cross stitch as a hobby. I've just completed a mammoth design and want to continue in my granny ways.

20 - Stop getting addicted to games - I'm the worst for getting addicted to new iPhone games. I could sit and play for hours, which doesn't help with getting to bed early!

21 - Fit back into my Ted Baker dress - I have a lovely Ted Baker dress which I bought for my nephew's christening 2 years ago, however it no longer fits! One of my uni friends is getting married in July and I want to wear it to her wedding. No pressure!

22 - Look after myself - as well as getting fit, losing weight, drinking more water etc., I want to have more me time and try to maintain a healthy lifestyle. 

23 - Go on holiday - we all dream of white sandy beaches with clear blue sea. Well, this comes at a price. With moving out this year, a big holiday isn't on the cards but I would love to do a city break or 2 to split the year up!

24 - Stop feeling like I'm not good enough - I have this terrible habit of putting myself down the whole time. I'm too hard on myself and pressurize myself to be better the whole time. It gets very tiring so I need to believe in myself more!


25 - Blog more! - This year I want to get back into blogging after slacking last year (and this past week!)

Phew, we reached the end. Well done if you made it all the way through. I hope you enjoyed reading my goals and pop back every now and then to see how I'm getting on!

What are your goals for this year?



4 February 2016

What if Artificial Intelligence Could Let You Speak To The Dead?

Ok, so not exactly you're normal title for a blog post, right? 

Well, earlier in the year I worked on a web series that has just been launched on YouTube. It's had a great response so far and we're all hoping it will continue. I thought I would share the series with you now all 4 episodes have been released.

It's a bit of a strange concept but one that could well be real enough one day in the future! Take a look for yourselves ...



EPISODE 1 - The Son

EPISODE 2 - The Father 

EPISODE 3 - The Rock Star 

EPISODE 4 - The Lover 

I would love to know what you think of the series and if you enjoyed it please subscribe! 



28 January 2016

My Current Favourite Foundation

 There's been a lot of hype surrounding the beautiful Charlotte Tilbury and her makeup line in the past couple of years. And why not, her products are great and shes got the packaging and brand image down to a T.

Before Christmas I was in need of a new foundation. I'm always on the hunt for a foundation that I really like. I have plenty of foundations in my makeup kit which I love using on other people but some just not so much on myself. I had heard all things good about CT's magic foundation and after a recommendation from a fellow makeup artist I decided it would be next on my hit list.

And ... well ... I love it. It's incredibly lightweight and effortless to wear whilst providing a good amount of coverage. And what's even better is the shade range, they actually cater for whiter than white skin as well as black skin tones. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I wasn't the lightest shade in the range, which makes a change.

I wear shade 2 - fair and it blends perfectly into my skin. For £29.50 it is fairly priced in comparison to other high end brands. I definitely want to invest in some more shades for my kit and I will definitely be repurchasing it for myself.

Have you tried CT's magic foundation? What do you think of it?



25 January 2016

January Glossybox

Having received a 12 month subscription to Glossybox from Ben for Christmas I was really excited to receive my January box. This month, Glossybox aren't focusing on giving something up, they are all about 2016 being 'the year of more'. And without further ado...


 I haven't heard of Unani before so I'm looking forward to trying this face mask out. For a long time I've used face masks from The Body Shop so it will be nice to try something new!


Again, another brand that I am new to! I love the packaging of this hair masque and it smells divine too! Anything to help nourish my hair in this weather gets a thumbs up from me!


Being a makeup artist I'm often skeptical about eyeshadows.I find they can be very hit and miss but I'm impressed with this satin eyeshadow from Glossybox. It's a lovely shade and can be used both wet and dry. I've tried it dry (see swatch below) and it is so pigmented so am looking forward to trying it out wet too! 


Teeez Cosmetics is another brand that I'm not familiar with. First impressions ... I LOVE the packaging! This is a lovely shade for transitioning between winter and spring and feels so hydrating on the lips. I've swatched it below for full colour appreciation!


And finally, a luzury sized serum. I love trying out different brands of serum so I'm looking forward to seeing how this one fairs.

 L-R: Teeez Cosmetics Oasis Gem LIpstick & Glossybox Eyeshadow in Glossy Mauve

Do you subscribe to Glossybox? What did you receive in your box? 



21 January 2016

Quote of The Day #15



16 January 2016

Review: REN Evercalm Global Protection Day Cream

It's so important to look after your skin, especially in this cold weather so I'm always on the lookout for new products to try. I have a couple of moisturisers that I like and tend to repurchase but recently I've needed something a little more nourishing and hydrating.

I've tried a couple of products from REN in tester sizes and really enjoyed using them so decided to give this day cream a try. I've been using it for nearly a month now and I've definitely noticed a difference in my skin. It's much more hydrated and I find that even towards the end of the day my skin still feels refreshed and not tight. It's formulated for sensitive skin and to combat redness and I have to say I've certainly not been as aware of redness - a big bonus in my book!

What's more is that a little product goes a long way. REN recommend 2 pumps massaged over face and neck is ideal however I've found that 1 pump is ample! A 50ml bottle will set you back £28, not a bad price compared to other higher end skincare brands.  I also really like the packaging, with alternative colours depending on the range you buy.  I will definitely be repurchasing this when my current one finishes and may even treat myself to a couple of other products to try!

Have you used REN? If so what are your favourite products? Or do you have a different brand that you like?



12 January 2016

Home Decor: Mad About Maps

1. Duvet Cover Set | 2. Lamp Shade | 3. Wall Clock | 4. Bath Mat | 5. Suitcase | 6. Footstool | 7. Coasters | 8. Bunting

I have to admit that I'm still a big map lover even after a career change away from Geography. I have a rather large collection of map-related things such as cushions, wall art, atlases, a map blind in my bedroom, cups and mugs to name a few.

With moving out on the horizon, I've started thinking about how I might like to jazz up my new place. And what better way than to start with maps! I mean it could be a little overkill but so far my love is yet to dwindle! 

I love the old school suitcase and already have an up-cycle idea to make it a vanity station complete with mirror inside. I also love the dual aspect of the foot stool as it has been suggested it could be used as a small coffee/magazine table.

Do you like maps? Or do you have a print or style you like?



9 January 2016

Glossybox 2016

I'm very excited to be receiving my first ever subscription to Glossybox. A couple of years ago I received a Birchbox subscription for my birthday from my brother and sister and absolutely loved opening it each month to see what goodies I had. I don't think it's something I would really subscribe to as I couldn't justify spending the money on myself but as a present, yes please! 

This Christmas Ben went away for a week so we decided to celebrate Christmas between us on new year. Well, Ben being disorganised didn't have my present ready but it was well worth the wait! I'm very impressed with his present buying skills, especially when it involves beauty!

I will of course be updating you all on what I receive in each box and hopefully my first one will be here next week!

Do you subscribe to a beauty box? If so, which one?



4 January 2016

Happy New Year!


Hello 2016! I realise we are now 4 days into 2016, however I never really feel the new year starts until a Monday. Weird logic, I know!

So, 2015 was a bit of a whirlwind. I became a freelance makeup artist and hair stylist in TV and film in February and spent most of the year either looking for work or working. It was a great first year and I'm looking forward to all the ventures that may come my way this year.

Due to life generally being crazy as well as the excitement of a new career, blogging was something that I just couldn't keep up with however much I tried. I missed blogging and chatting to fellow bloggers during twitter chats so one of my new years resolutions is to get back into blogging.

As for the second resolution, it's the standard lose weight and get fit. My fitness nosedived last year and I sort of lost all motivation to do anything about it. Well, 2016 is going to be the year. I know the whole new year, new me is a bit of a cliché but I'm jumping on the bandwagon. I've even been to a legs, bums and tums class this morning (mini cheer for me)!

I feel like I've set 2 very achievable resolutions this year and now I've said that, there's no going back!

Have you set yourself any new years resolutions? If so, what are they?