16 October 2015

Working On ... E4's Drifters

Earlier in the year I posted about working on Downton Abbey in the crowd room. Now the series has finally started I'm eagerly watching every week for the part of filming I was there for.

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Back in August I was lucky enough to be given 3 days work experience on E4's Drifters. One of the girls I trained with had the amazing opportunity to be the makeup trainee so when she asked for some extra help on 3 of the days, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a brilliant 3 days and the mood on set was so good. Being a comedy, everyone was in high spirits (albeit a little stressed at times), which really lifts the mood on set.

I obviously can't say anything about the episode we were filming but it's sure to be a good series if those 3 days were anything to go by. Being a work experience makeup artist, we spent most of our time making sure the supporting artists were well powdered and lipstick was topped up. You don't get much opportunity to see/speak to the actors so when I was on the makeup bus one evening after filming I was shocked when Jess and Lydia just casually included me in a coversation! The girls were lovely and so down to earth.

I had an amazing 3 days and can't wait to see the series, which starts next Thursday 22nd on E4 at 9pm. 

Do you watch Drifters?




  1. Awesome! That must be such a cool experience working on a TV set. Glad you found in rewarding, I'll have to check out drifters! x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. It was amazing! It's so well organised given how many people there are to arrange! Yes definitely do, it's hilarious! X


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