29 August 2015

Designing Makeup for a Feature Film

Yeah, so about blogging more regularly ... that clearly didn't happen! BUT this month has been leading up to this day and subsequent weekends for the next few months!

A few months ago, I posted that I had an exciting new job. You can read the post here.
Well the time has now come that we are actually beginning filming! We start with 2 night shoots this weekend.

I've been working my socks off making sure everything is in place and that my amazing team are all set to go. It's pretty scary designing makeup for a feature film and the amount of pressure I've put on myself to make sure it's perfect is pretty high. It's become my baby and now with roughly 24 hours to go until we start rolling the camera, I'm having mini heart attacks every hour or so. 

I know it's no excuse but this is why I've been totally absent on the blog. Beavering away at all hours on the film has taken it's toll on life, not just blogging. There's no promises September will be any better as I'm filming on weekends and working Monday to Friday as it's our busiest month at work! 

My beloved beauty blog is slowly becoming a lifestyle blog. I'm going to keep you all updated on the filming journey (well, as much as I can reveal) so be prepared for some chattier posts. Cos there ain't gonna be no time for picture takin'. 

Do you have anything exciting going on at the moment?




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