4 July 2015

A Budget Favourite - Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

As I posted mid-month about my current favourites, I thought I would skip writing a June favourites post and share something a bit different with you. 

Many of you will be very familiar with Makeup Revolution products as they're great value for money and they produce some pretty good products. I received this palette over a year ago in one of the BBB's Beauty Box. I wasn't really a fan at the time but since completing my makeup artist course and having delved around in my drawers to see what products were lurking in the depths, I came across this and decided to reacquaint myself. 

I don't even think Makeup Revolution produce this palette anymore, although I know they do something similar. In fact, their range of eyeshadow palettes are pretty impressive. If you haven't had a nosy recently then I suggest you do so here. I'm definitely going to invest in some more for my kit ... any excuse eh?

This palette includes a variety of very wearable shades, which suit the majority of people. I love how all the shades compliment each other and you can create some beautiful colour combinations or keep it simple and just choose one shade. 

As well as the beautiful range of eyeshadows, the palette also includes two brow shades, which are always a useful addition. I personally don't like the eyeshadow applicator as it's just one of those useless spongey things. The angled brush is pretty good and although I wouldn't use it on others, it's great in case of emergencies!

I've been really impressed with Makeup Revolution and the never ending creation of new products. An even bigger bonus is the affordability of these products. Things don't have to cost an arm and a leg to be good.

What do you think of Makeup Revolution products? Have you got any favourite products?





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