1 June 2015

New Month, New Me ... Game On

 Okay, so at the beginning of the year, I didn't like what my body was becomming. I was eating all the wrong foods and slowly piling on the pounds. I had noticed the changes and wanted to do something, but motivation was lacking. A few months on and, well, those pounds have continued to creep on and I'm now at a point where this has to stop.

I have a wardrobes and drawers full of clothes that no longer fit me. Clothes that were comfortable a few months ago that now cling in all the wrong places or just don't fit at all. The easy option would be to go and buy new clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger, but with no money ... that's not an option. Nor would I want it to be. 

I think I have to admit I've been fooling myself for a few months. Thinking it was just a phase and I would miraculously lose it one day. Well, no. What a stupid thought. I'm not overweight but I'm not comfortable so as well as shedding a few pounds, I want to feel healthier and fitter.

I've taken a before photo purely for motivation and in a month I'm going to take another to compare. If I'm feeling good, I might be brave enough to share it. I've also made a bet with Ben that I have to lose 10 pounds. Game on. 

Have you recently started a new regime? What are you hints and tips? Would you like me to update you with my progress?





  1. Good on you for deciding to make a change. Sometimes it takes a shock to the system (such as clothes not fitting) to give you that push to get fitter. My advice is to drink lots of water to stop those cravings. As for exercise, once you've got past a week of it, the energy and glow that you gain will make you want to continue. I hope you keep us all updated!


    1. Thanks, I really hope I can stick to it this time! I don't have very good motivation but it's finally time I did something! Plus I want to fit into all my lovely summer clothes! X


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