12 May 2015

Working On ... Downton Abbey!

Ahhhhh! So yesterday I was lucky enough to be one of the makeup trainees on Downton Abbey. I was based in the crowd room with 3 other trainees and about 12 makeup artists. We had around 70 extras to get ready. I won't go into detail as I don't want to spoil it for you and also I don't want to be told off as it's all very top secret!

We then headed over to the set which was amazing, even if we were piled in to a drafty stairwell for most of the afternoon ... oh the classy life of a makeup artist! I then popped off to the loo, which was though the other side of the set. I came out fairly quietly just in case filming was going on and my god I'm pleased I did. They were filming the likes of Hugh Bonneville and Michelle Dockery right outside! Luckily the cameras were facing away from me, I don't think they would have been best pleased if they were filming the other way!

I'm so excited for the series to start and for that scene to be on TV! All in all I had such a good day and would do it again in a second if I am ever lucky enough to be asked again!

Do you watch Downton? 




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