28 May 2015

Exciting Job Offer

Remember me? I hope so! Working life is taking over at the moment. I'm definitely not as good at managing my time as I hoped I could be! This week I'm doing hair and makeup for my first feature film. It's all very exciting but that's not exactly what I'm here for today...

I've just been hired as Makeup Designer for a feature film that is being filmed later this year. To say I'm excited is probably an understatement! In fact, it's a massive understatement! I can't believe that having only been working professionally for a few months, I've already landed my first makeup designer job! 

The film itself is called Plastic Toys and is a horror film. I can't reveal too much at the moment but I've posted the trailer below for you all to feast your eyes on. And if you're feeling extra kind you can always donate to the film via Indiegogo or Kickstarter

Concept Art Banner by Graphic Artist Kalam Abul

And finally, what you've been waiting for. The trailer ...


 What did you think of the trailer?




  1. Well done, that's great news! Hard work pays off, hope it goes well!


    1. Thank you! It does indeed, now I just need to prove I can do a good job! X


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