10 April 2015

Quote of the Day #14

You have probably noticed by now that once again I've been a bit quiet on the blog recently. I have to admit I'm finding life a little bit of a juggling act at the moment. This quote sums it up perfectly. I had this image in my head of how everything was going to fit into my life once I finished my course, and, well, to be honest it's not as pretty in real life. 

I feel like I am all over the place at the moment. I've been working really hard on setting up my website and gaining contacts through networking. I'm pleased to say my website is now up and running after much time spent redesigning it (and not blogging). If you pop over to my makeup portfolio tab you'll find my website. As well as website building, I've been juggling job applications with working with being ill. 

Hopefully now I'm getting better and I've mastered this juggling act malarkey, things will get a little easier. Thank you all for sticking by me and please feel free to share my website with anyone!




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