23 April 2015

My New Makeup Storage

I've joined the stereotypical blogger/vlogger makeup storage clan. I have officially purchased the Alex storage unit from Ikea. At £90 I think this is one of the best, most affordable chest of drawers for makeup storage. Plus the amount of drawers means it's large enough to split up all types of makeup. 

To go with my new drawers, I bought these cute silver buckets which were on sale at Tiger as part of their Easter range. They were £1 each and the bow is so cute! I probably should have bought more whilst they had them ... nevermind!

Onto the drawer tour... 

 For the moment the top one is quite empty. I'm currently using it as my everyday makeup drawer. So all the things I'm loving at the moment are within easy reach. I'm sure this will end up changing over time and no doubt as my collection expands this will fill up!

 The second drawer contains all my lipsticks. My current favourites live in my handbag but it's something that changes quite regularly so I thought they should live near the top. This isn't even all of them as I have some in my kit too!

Ok, so I have a lot of mascaras. Don't judge me! I really hadn't realised how many I had until I moved them into here! I definitely won't be buying mascara for quite a while! This draw also has eyeliners and odd eyeshadows.

We then move onto face, excluding foundation. This one is full of primers, blush, bronzer and highlighter. Again, well stocked in every area!

The foundation and concealer drawer. Most of these are personal foundations however as you can see I do have some along the front that are kit ones as I'm definitely not as tanned as some of those shades! Towards the back I have coloured powders and concealers.

I'm pretty sure you've already guessed that this is the palette drawer. Again I've got quite a few in my kit that aren't being stored in here for the time being. I've got my most used ones at the front for easy access.

So this drawer is a bit of a random one. I've got my spare/rubbish set of brushes, all my false lashes at the back and some eye makeup removers. Along with other various randoms such as the bright orange face paint, fake blood and eye drops! 

This is my kit storage drawer so all the cases I'm not using as well as my special effects makeup. As my collection expands this will probably end up being just a special effects drawer.

Finally, right down the bottom is my hair drawer. It has all my spare products, some clips and ties and some padding. Oh and it's also currently storage to my extra cotton wool and wedge sponges. 

So there you have a whistle-stop tour of my makeup storage. It's not overly organised at the moment as I've not really got the time to play around with it. For the moment I'm happy it's all in storage and not floating around on my bedroom floor! If there is anything you would like to see in more detail please let me know! 

What do you think of my storage? Would you order it differently?




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