6 March 2015

I Am Rubbish!

So I've well and truly flopped recently at blogging. I graduated from my makeup course 3 weeks ago today and was determined to get back on track! However I seem to have been a busy bee since finishing. I've already done a short student film which was an amazing experience as it was all special effects makeup. I've also been trying to get to grips with all the official things like registering as self employed and sorting tax codes ... all the boring but necessary stuff.

And now I'm currently at my brothers looking after 2 of my nephews. The 6 year old is at school and the 2 year old has gone for his nap. I planned to blog yesterday while he was napping but I ran out of time as it was a manic day! I thought I would get in today while he is asleep and before we have school pick up. 

I've got another couple of films next week and another the week after so you'll have to bear with me on the blogging front but I will certainly be better than this week!

I hope you've all had a good week and enjoy the weekend!




  1. Don't worry I keep slacking at blogging... it happens haha :) x


    1. It's so bad! I really want to get back on top of it! X

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