9 February 2015

Review: Illamasqua Multi Facet Palette

 Way, way back in November, I blogged about the Illamasqua event I had been to and also showed you some of the goodies I picked up. I featured this eyeshadow palette and promised to review it for all of you. A few weeks after that post I took some pictures (the ones in this post if you must know) and they've been stored away. Well today ladies, these pictures have finally been unleashed ... I bring you my Multi Facet Palette review!

This palette originally cost £45 although I was lucky enough to get a cheeky discount on it! If you fancy buying it now then you lucky buggars can get it here for a mere £22.50. Bargain if you ask me! The palette contains a cream highlighter, a powder blush, a cream contour shade, eyebrow cake and 4 eyeshadows. 

 This palette originally came in two colours, of which this is the darker of the 2. This one is called Semblance and the lighter is called Aura. Personally I would have chosen the lighter one for my skin tone but as this was an investment for my kit I went for Semblance as it would suit a wider variety of skin tones. Has it seen my kit yet? Ha, no. 

It can definitely be said that I've fallen in love with this palette. I love that it incorporates everything I need aside foundation and mascara. The contour shade is lovely and the brow shade is perfect for me. I've used the blush a little but on my pale skin it is quite bright unless used VERY sparingly! On the eyes, the 2 shimmery shades look lovely together and the matte black is definitely the blackest eyeshadow I've ever seen, which makes it perfect to use as a liner. 

L-R: Gleam Highligter in Mirage, Powder Blush in Hussy, Cream Pigment in Hollow, Shadow in Slink, Shadow in Tango, Eyebrow Cake in Thunder, Shadow in Dizzy & Shadow in Obsidian.

The only parts in the palette I haven't used much are the highlighter and Dizzy shadow. On my skintone the highlighter is a little dark unless applied lightly but I love the look of it on tanned skin tones. And the pink, well ... it's not really my colour. This is probably the one disappointment of the palette as it doesn't really go so I'm at a loss as to what to use it for. Any suggestions/tips for the eyeshadow would be much appreciated!

What do you think of this palette? Have you created any funky looks from it?



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