23 February 2015

High End Makeup Wish List

So... this month I seem to have quite a few high end products on my wish list. Shame my bank balance can't even buy me one of these at the moment. Some of the products such as the Bobbi Brown foundation palette, Embryolisse moisturiser and Anastasia Beverly Hills contour palette are on my wish list for my makeup kit rather than personal use. Although who's to say I won't have a cheeky play with them once in a while!

Other products such as the NARS and Hourglass eyeshadow palettes are purely indulgent items that look so beautiful I need them in my life. All the shades that Hourglass have bought out are so lovely that it's hard to choose which shades I like best.

What is on your wish list at the moment? Are any of them the same as mine? Or do you already own any of these beauties?




  1. Apparently the Hourglass Modernist Exposure Palettes aren't that good - they have a lot of fall out and don't have a good colour pay off on the eyelid!

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    Georgie x

    1. Yeah I've read very mixed reviews but they are so beautiful! The NARS one is definitely above the Hourglass one on my wishlist as their colours are amazing and such good quality! X

  2. Def with you on the bold metals. I lovingly look at them every time I'm at Ulta and then tell myself NO you don't need them! haha. I'm lusting after the new Bobbi Brown The Hots Collection!

    1. I caved! I ended up getting it on points in Boots! I have to say I'm slightly disappointed but maybe it will grow on me! Mmm so many good collections at the moment! X


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