5 February 2015

Delamar Week 16 - Fashion

It's another week of Delamar shenanigans. The week before Christmas we did basic fashion. It seems like so long ago now and to think I only have just over a week left of the course is so sad!

To start out basic fashion week we spent a day doing makeup with all cream products and then a day with all powder products. It was really good to get a feel for doing a whole look with one medium. We then moved onto a bold smokey eye. We went really intense black with a flawless base. 

At the end of the week came the really fun part. Glitter! We had to create a mask of some sort from glitter. We could pretty much do anything we wanted so the looks got a little crazy, as did the amount of glitter both on the faces and all over us. I chose to go for a blue glittery mask. I added some gold sequin squares around the edge and finished the look by adding a few gems here and there. 

Finally, our last day was project day. We had to combine 2 period looks and create a fashion look including styled hair. I chose to combine 60s and 80s. I went for a 60s eye with lots of mascara and huge lashes and a bright 80s cheek and lip. I set the hair in hot sticks and styled it by pulling out the curls and backcombing slightly. I was so pleased with the finished look and I think this has to be my favourite makeup to date. 

What do you think of all my fashion looks?



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