14 January 2015

How Do You Apply Makeup?

Okay, so this wasn't my intended post for today, hence why it's a little later in the day, but I saw this news article this morning and just had to share it with you. It's definitely worth a read.

Source: BBC Article

Whilst I was eating breakfast this morning I was flicking through BBC News when I came across an article that really got me thinking. The article was:

To be completely honest it's not something I've really thought of before. I guess we just take for granted that we can see and few people would stop and think when applying their makeup "how would I do this if I was blind?". But actually, it's a question that I wouldn't have a clue what the answer would be. Do they just not wear makeup? Is it wrong to assume they wouldn't bother with makeup? Does someone else do it for them? 

A million questions started going through my head before I had even finished the first line of the article but it's intriguing how people do get by. And it's amazing to hear about the techniques that these people use to figure out whether they are applying in the right area or applying the right amount. 

It's articles like this that make you grateful for the things you have and it made me realise that I wouldn't be able to have a career in makeup. Not only would it be hard applying your own makeup but also extremely difficult to apply to others and sustain a career in makeup. 

What do you think of this article? Could you apply makeup blind?




  1. This is something I'd never thought about before! I've wondered how blind people choose what to wear, but I hadn't considered make up. I'll read the article now :) Thanks for drawing attention to this xx

    1. Yes, I've also thought about clothes! I hope you enjoy the article, I thought it was amazing! X

  2. This is a great post style because it encourages people to broaden their awareness and also opens up discussion. I read the article and it's humbling to see how blind people cope and develop methods of applying make-up despite being unable to see. Gemma x

    Beautiful Life as I know it

    1. I think it's amazing, I take my hat off to people that just manage to find a way to cope with these things. I understand that you have to make changes but I can't even begin to imagine how much it changes your life! I just think it's so important to consider, especially when people who can see complain about having a bad makeup/hair day! X


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