19 January 2015

Delamar Week 15 - Period Hair & Makeup

Welcome back to another Delamar post. I'm finally getting you all up to speed with the happenings at Delamar just before Christmas! After basic prosthetics we moved onto period hair and makeup. On the course we have already completed a week of Period Makeup and a week of Period Wigs. The aim of this week was to combine the 2 for a complete look. 

For our looks, we were to pick 2 periods and research them. We had to create one look with a wig and the other with our models natural hair. I chose to do the regency era and the 1940s. I was originally going to use the wig for my regency look but I ended up using it for my 1940s look as I could then match the hair colour.

My 1940s look was inspired by Betty Grable, who often wore her hair in curls on top of her head. She had amazing skin and usually wore nude eyeshadow, black liner and red lipstick. I also added some individual false lashes to the look as Betty's lashes were amazing. I added a couple of plaits to my look and finished off with some cute bows and a pretty dress. 

My regency look again involved curly hair. I set Alice's hair and a hair piece in in bendy rollers to create the tight curls. Once these had set, I added the hair piece and then slowly pinned in her own hair around it to create this glam up do. I left a few curls around the front on either side. The makeup in this era was fairly minimal. The ladies were pale with slightly pink cheeks and filled in brows.

I really enjoyed combining the period hair and makeup this week. By having the chance to create the whole look, it really bought everything we have learned together. It's hard picturing a period look when just doing hair or makeup. The next Delamar post will be a complete opposite as it's all about Fashion.

What do you think of the looks I created?


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