8 January 2015

Delamar Week 13 & 14 - Basic Prosthetics

Having completed 2 weeks of hairdressing, we moved onto our Basic Prosthetics module. This was something completely new for me but it was an amazing 2 weeks. We were set a project to create a mask that aged our model. Most people went for an old witch or old lady.

Here you can see the progression through all the stages of making. To start with, we had to create our mould, which took a good few days as there were so many steps involved. It was a lot of hard work and the days were pretty tiring! After making the first mould we then had to model our face with clay to look like the old person we wanted to achieve. There were quite a few steps, such as applying the clay, building up the shape, flattening the surface of the clay and then scratching the clay to get a skin-like texture. 

Finally, we filled our moulds to make the final mask and after leaving them, we opened them up and voila! I was really pleased with my mask when it came out the mould but the next challenge was making it look good on my model.

My model was the lovely Nadira who I made into a granny. I took my inspiration from the TV show The Kumars. Before applying the piece, I aged the skin around the eyes and on the chin as these were the areas not covered. I then applied the mask and got to work on making it up. I went for fairly bad makeup and added some wiry eyebrows. I finished the look with a wig and some appropriate clothing.

Nadira applied her prosthetic piece to me and made me up as the witch from Snow White. She did an amazing job so I just had to share it with you...

During our prosthetics module we also had the chance to make bald caps. This was very amusing as it's quite strange finding out what you would look like bald. I had already modeled for a bald caps class before I started but it's always fun doing it again!

I took the bestie in with me for bald caps as our class was an uneven number. She was rather apprehensive but it was certainly a day she wont forget (especially now I have photos to remind her forever more)! As you can see in the step by step photos above there were also many steps in this process too. To get the hair in the right place under the cap was a huge challenge as Charlie's hair is very long and very thick! Having applied the cap, we had to blend the edges, block out the cap colour and then add skin tone shades onto it. We then finished off the look with some minimal makeup. 

I also added in a pic of me bald so you can all have a little chuckle at my expense!

So there you have all the happenings of prosthetics. If you have any questions about products/methods used the please leave a comment below or tweet me! I hope you've enjoyed a whistle stop tour of old lady faces and bald heads!

What do you think of my mask and bald cap? 



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