26 January 2015

Quote of the Day #13

At the beginning of the year I said that I wanted to get fitter. Well, 27 days in and I've done barely any exercise and just eaten a load of chocolate instead. Well done Hannah, well done. After a big fat fail of a month, it's time to get cracking on becoming healthier. 

This last week has been a bit of a wake up call. I've been eating badly and all the wrong foods which has led to me feeling sluggish and ill. I've also slipped back into eating wheat ... bad move. I also spent 3 days in the week with a headache which wasn't dehydration related but I'm not the best at drinking enough water. When I do manage to drink a fair amount I feel so much better so I just need to keep it up! 

Now onto the dreaded E word. EXERCISE! I used to love going to the gym and exercise classes but recently I've had zero motivation to get off my behind. I tried running back in November and that lasted a grand total of 5 days. It's not my thing. We have an exercise bike at home which I'm determined to befriend as I have £0 for the gym/classes. 

And sleep. Definitely need more sleep. Ben will be despairing with me for saying this as he says all I ever do is sleep. I can sit down in the middle of the day and fall asleep so easily (not that I often get the chance). It comes to the evening and I come alive. Hence why I'm sat here at 1am writing this post when I have to be up in just over 5 hours.

So incase you couldn't tell by now I'm a lazy, unhealthy, dehydrated, sleep deprived 23 year old seeking to become an active, healthy, hydrated, well rested 23 year old. 

Possible? Yes. Determination? We will find out. 


22 January 2015

Review: Pureology Reviving Red Shampoo & Conditioner

If you read my December Favourites post, then you'll know that when I had my hair dyed back in November I was sucked in to buying some new shampoo and conditioner. As much as it was a slight extravagance on top of dying my hair, it was definitely worth it. 

In terms of colour, my hair has stayed so much more vibrant and although it's been growing much quicker than I've ever noticed, the colour seems to have still clung to my roots. Instead of growing out, my colour has faded gradually all over. I've only recently re-dyed my hair, this time with a shop bought do-it-yourself dye as I couldn't sustain spending so much. Once again it's worked wonders on the colour. I really like that the shampoo and conditioner work on both salon coloured hair and home colouring. 

As mentioned above my hair feels like it's been growing a lot quicker too. It seems to feel much more healthy and it certainly feels thicker and stronger. All of which are a bonus for me. And if it's not the shampoo and conditioner working its wonders then it's a pretty strange coincidence!

I also love Pureology's packaging. The beautiful shimmery red certainly stands out on my bathroom shelf and paired with the purple I think it looks rather regal. I would definitely buy this again and I'm now intrigued to try some of their other products. 

Have you tried any of the Pureology range? What do you think of them?


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19 January 2015

Delamar Week 15 - Period Hair & Makeup

Welcome back to another Delamar post. I'm finally getting you all up to speed with the happenings at Delamar just before Christmas! After basic prosthetics we moved onto period hair and makeup. On the course we have already completed a week of Period Makeup and a week of Period Wigs. The aim of this week was to combine the 2 for a complete look. 

For our looks, we were to pick 2 periods and research them. We had to create one look with a wig and the other with our models natural hair. I chose to do the regency era and the 1940s. I was originally going to use the wig for my regency look but I ended up using it for my 1940s look as I could then match the hair colour.

My 1940s look was inspired by Betty Grable, who often wore her hair in curls on top of her head. She had amazing skin and usually wore nude eyeshadow, black liner and red lipstick. I also added some individual false lashes to the look as Betty's lashes were amazing. I added a couple of plaits to my look and finished off with some cute bows and a pretty dress. 

My regency look again involved curly hair. I set Alice's hair and a hair piece in in bendy rollers to create the tight curls. Once these had set, I added the hair piece and then slowly pinned in her own hair around it to create this glam up do. I left a few curls around the front on either side. The makeup in this era was fairly minimal. The ladies were pale with slightly pink cheeks and filled in brows.

I really enjoyed combining the period hair and makeup this week. By having the chance to create the whole look, it really bought everything we have learned together. It's hard picturing a period look when just doing hair or makeup. The next Delamar post will be a complete opposite as it's all about Fashion.

What do you think of the looks I created?


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14 January 2015

How Do You Apply Makeup?

Okay, so this wasn't my intended post for today, hence why it's a little later in the day, but I saw this news article this morning and just had to share it with you. It's definitely worth a read.

Source: BBC Article

Whilst I was eating breakfast this morning I was flicking through BBC News when I came across an article that really got me thinking. The article was:

To be completely honest it's not something I've really thought of before. I guess we just take for granted that we can see and few people would stop and think when applying their makeup "how would I do this if I was blind?". But actually, it's a question that I wouldn't have a clue what the answer would be. Do they just not wear makeup? Is it wrong to assume they wouldn't bother with makeup? Does someone else do it for them? 

A million questions started going through my head before I had even finished the first line of the article but it's intriguing how people do get by. And it's amazing to hear about the techniques that these people use to figure out whether they are applying in the right area or applying the right amount. 

It's articles like this that make you grateful for the things you have and it made me realise that I wouldn't be able to have a career in makeup. Not only would it be hard applying your own makeup but also extremely difficult to apply to others and sustain a career in makeup. 

What do you think of this article? Could you apply makeup blind?



10 January 2015

December Favourites

Pureology Reviving Red Shampoo & Conditioner

At the end of November, I decided I wanted a change from my natural brown hair. I wanted to go auburn so off I went and had it done. While it was being done, the girl told me about this vegan shampoo and conditioner to help maintain the colour. And being a sucker, I decided to treat myself even more! Well, I'm pleased I did! This has kept my colour looking lovely and I have to say it's definitely helped it grow. Both big plus points for me!

Chanel Chance Eau De Toilette

This was my birthday present from Ben and although I received it halfway through December, I wore it pretty much everyday for the rest of the month and it has definitely found its way into my list of favourites!

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer

Finding a good concealer that stays on for the day is never an easy task. I'm a great lover of the infamous Collection Lasting Perfection concealer but I found after a while that even that didn't seem to stick around for very long in certain areas. I was recommended this concealer a while back so decided to give it a try. I absolutely love the consistency of this and boy it doesn't budge all day, perfect in winter for covering my little Rudolph nose! I love it so much, I've now bought several for my kit.

Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in 18 Violine Strass

This has been one of my go to shades over Christmas as it's a lovely deep raspberry shade. I love really dark lip shades but don't particularly like them on me so tend to go for something a touch lighter. The Rouge Edition lipsticks are also great at this time of year as they are so moisturising.

Garnier Moisture Match - Normal to Dry Skin

Earlier in 2014 this was my favourite moisturiser, however in the summer I went off it as it became a bit too heavy for my skin. However with the cold weather back and my dry skin making an appearance once again, I thought it was time to give it another go. It's been my saving grace and even after a couple of days using it, I found my dryness had almost dissappeared.

John Frieda Frizz Ease

I have been using Frizz Ease for years but was very upset to find that they had changed the range recently. They no longer do the one I was originally using or at least I couldn't find a direct replacement so I decided to give this one a go. It's pretty much the same so I'm still in love with it. I've been applying a couple of drops to the ends of my hair after washing and it's made such a difference in these colder months. My ends are no longer dry and breaking off so this is definitely here to stay!

What were your December Favourites? Were any of them the same as mine?


8 January 2015

Delamar Week 13 & 14 - Basic Prosthetics

Having completed 2 weeks of hairdressing, we moved onto our Basic Prosthetics module. This was something completely new for me but it was an amazing 2 weeks. We were set a project to create a mask that aged our model. Most people went for an old witch or old lady.

Here you can see the progression through all the stages of making. To start with, we had to create our mould, which took a good few days as there were so many steps involved. It was a lot of hard work and the days were pretty tiring! After making the first mould we then had to model our face with clay to look like the old person we wanted to achieve. There were quite a few steps, such as applying the clay, building up the shape, flattening the surface of the clay and then scratching the clay to get a skin-like texture. 

Finally, we filled our moulds to make the final mask and after leaving them, we opened them up and voila! I was really pleased with my mask when it came out the mould but the next challenge was making it look good on my model.

My model was the lovely Nadira who I made into a granny. I took my inspiration from the TV show The Kumars. Before applying the piece, I aged the skin around the eyes and on the chin as these were the areas not covered. I then applied the mask and got to work on making it up. I went for fairly bad makeup and added some wiry eyebrows. I finished the look with a wig and some appropriate clothing.

Nadira applied her prosthetic piece to me and made me up as the witch from Snow White. She did an amazing job so I just had to share it with you...

During our prosthetics module we also had the chance to make bald caps. This was very amusing as it's quite strange finding out what you would look like bald. I had already modeled for a bald caps class before I started but it's always fun doing it again!

I took the bestie in with me for bald caps as our class was an uneven number. She was rather apprehensive but it was certainly a day she wont forget (especially now I have photos to remind her forever more)! As you can see in the step by step photos above there were also many steps in this process too. To get the hair in the right place under the cap was a huge challenge as Charlie's hair is very long and very thick! Having applied the cap, we had to blend the edges, block out the cap colour and then add skin tone shades onto it. We then finished off the look with some minimal makeup. 

I also added in a pic of me bald so you can all have a little chuckle at my expense!

So there you have all the happenings of prosthetics. If you have any questions about products/methods used the please leave a comment below or tweet me! I hope you've enjoyed a whistle stop tour of old lady faces and bald heads!

What do you think of my mask and bald cap? 


5 January 2015

Winter Warmers - Oversized Scarves

11. Boohoo Two Sided Tartan Check Cape

 The Christmas festivities may have died down, however the cold weather is unfortunately here to stay. This winter I've been loving all the oversized scarves that have been lining the shelves and mine has certainly been warmly welcomed many a time. 

I don't know what it is about these scarves but they seem to brighten up even the dullest of outfits. I've worn mine most days with jeans, boots, a plain tee and a baggy cardi and somehow it never fails me. I actually own number 2 on the list, however I much prefer the other side of the scarf which is just plain check without the leopard print. However I have been eying up a couple of others I may just have to sneakily buy ... so much for a spending ban this month!

 Do you own any oversized/blanket scarves? Which ones are your favourites?


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2 January 2015

Hello 2015

Happy New Year to all my lovely readers! I hope you've all had a good start to the year and didn't feel too rough yesterday! 

You may have noticed that with the new year, Hanclarky has had a little makeover. I loved my old design but I had lost motivation to blog and decided that with a new year would come a new look with the hope that inspiration would follow! I've also added a section for my makeup portfolio so soon you will be able to browse through my work. 

I'm not usually one for setting new years resolutions as I don't see why a date should define when you decide to change. However this year I have decided to set myself a couple of goals...

1. To get fit - I'm so unfit and having over-indulged at Christmas I definitely feel like I need to do some exercise and get fit. When I say this, most people say "oh but you don't need to lose weight". I'm not doing it to lose weight, I'm doing it to feel better in myself. 

2. To work my butt off at launching my new career - In 6 weeks time I will have completed my training to become a makeup artist and hair stylist. Then comes lots of work experience and unpaid work trying to make a name for myself. I'm determined to work hard and not give up at the setbacks along the way. 

I have lots of other little bits and pieces I would like to achieve such as growing my blog but these are my main goals for 2015. 

What are your goals for 2015? What do you think of the new look?