16 October 2015

Working On ... E4's Drifters

Earlier in the year I posted about working on Downton Abbey in the crowd room. Now the series has finally started I'm eagerly watching every week for the part of filming I was there for.

 Google Images

Back in August I was lucky enough to be given 3 days work experience on E4's Drifters. One of the girls I trained with had the amazing opportunity to be the makeup trainee so when she asked for some extra help on 3 of the days, I jumped at the opportunity. It was a brilliant 3 days and the mood on set was so good. Being a comedy, everyone was in high spirits (albeit a little stressed at times), which really lifts the mood on set.

I obviously can't say anything about the episode we were filming but it's sure to be a good series if those 3 days were anything to go by. Being a work experience makeup artist, we spent most of our time making sure the supporting artists were well powdered and lipstick was topped up. You don't get much opportunity to see/speak to the actors so when I was on the makeup bus one evening after filming I was shocked when Jess and Lydia just casually included me in a coversation! The girls were lovely and so down to earth.

I had an amazing 3 days and can't wait to see the series, which starts next Thursday 22nd on E4 at 9pm. 

Do you watch Drifters?



29 September 2015

September Favourites

Hello to all you lovely people who have stuck by my blog over these past couple of months. It's been a whirlwind and blogging has most definitely been put on a back-burner. I've had a day off today, they are very few and far between at the moment, so I've had a 'sort my life out' day. 
Which also means I've managed to take some blog pictures! I can't remember the last time I picked my camera up to take blog pictures. I really enjoyed snapping away again so here's to more regular picture taking and blog posting!

I've not really had many new favourites the past couple of months, mainly because I haven't had the time to shop for or try any new products. It's been a case of using the same old trusty products or whatever is in easy reach!

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré
 Now this has been on my list to buy for a fair few months. I finally got my hands on it at IMATS in the summer as I'm a scrounge and refused to pay full price knowing I could get a discount! I absolutely love this moisturiser as it is so hydrating and leaves my skin silky soft. A definite must have in both my personal makeup bag and my kit!
Chanel Chance Eau De Toilette
I seem to have a ridiculously large perfume collection at the moment. I have a terrible habit of asking for new perfume for my birthday and Christmas when I already have plenty. Ben bought me Chanel's Chance for my birthday last year and recently it's been my all time favourite. I know what to ask for this year ... more!
Nars Laguna Bronzer
  I realise now as I'm writing this post as this is a pretty awful picture. You have no idea what it is apart from my giveaway in the title! Nars Laguna bronzer is one of the most popular Nars products to walk the planet. I've never been a bronzer fan but after picking this up for my kit, it's slowly wangled it's way into my own makeup bag too! And it's going to be well used this winter as I refuse to be the same colour as snow this year.
Eternal Skincare Aloe Super Hydrating Moisturiser
 You know it's getting colder again when this tube rears it's little head. This is my go-to hand cream for the winter months as it's super hydrating and is one of the few products that doesn't irritate my eczema. It's already made it's way back into my hand bag and won't be leaving again this year!
Finally, there is a reason all my products have been taken on tartan. It's reached that point in the year where it is acceptable to bring out all my tartan scarves. I'm a sucker for a tartan scarf and during winter wear one almost everyday - time to go out very soon and top up the collection!
What do you think of my September favourites? What are yours?
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4 September 2015

Our Mini Adventure

This week, Ben and I escaped civilisation and ventured into a land of no telephone signal and awful wifi. My parents kindly bought us a 2 night bed and breakfast getaway and we decided to visit the England/Wales border. We went to a little village called Symonds Yat in Ross on Wye. 

It went far too quickly and we both settled into the way of life very easily. In fact, we didn't give our phone signal a second thought once we were there. It was such a beautiful place and definitely somewhere we would go again. As we loved it so much, I thought I would share some pictures with you from our mini adventure ...

The view from just outside our hotel

Looking back at the village we were staying in

We visited Butterfly World...

Apparently it's good luck if they land on you!

Tintern Abbey...

And that's our mini getaway pretty much summed up in pictures.

Have you been away this summer? Where did you go?




29 August 2015

Designing Makeup for a Feature Film

Yeah, so about blogging more regularly ... that clearly didn't happen! BUT this month has been leading up to this day and subsequent weekends for the next few months!

A few months ago, I posted that I had an exciting new job. You can read the post here.
Well the time has now come that we are actually beginning filming! We start with 2 night shoots this weekend.

I've been working my socks off making sure everything is in place and that my amazing team are all set to go. It's pretty scary designing makeup for a feature film and the amount of pressure I've put on myself to make sure it's perfect is pretty high. It's become my baby and now with roughly 24 hours to go until we start rolling the camera, I'm having mini heart attacks every hour or so. 

I know it's no excuse but this is why I've been totally absent on the blog. Beavering away at all hours on the film has taken it's toll on life, not just blogging. There's no promises September will be any better as I'm filming on weekends and working Monday to Friday as it's our busiest month at work! 

My beloved beauty blog is slowly becoming a lifestyle blog. I'm going to keep you all updated on the filming journey (well, as much as I can reveal) so be prepared for some chattier posts. Cos there ain't gonna be no time for picture takin'. 

Do you have anything exciting going on at the moment?



9 August 2015

You, Me & A Cup of Tea

Do you ever get so caught up in life that you forget the little things that make you happy?

The past month has been a whirlwind of happenings and emotions. I got a new part time job to help with the financial pooeyness of being a self-employed freelancer. I'm really enjoying it but like any new thing, it's taking some time to get to grips with the overload of information. 

And then there is all the freelance work. This past month I've worked on a film, had 3 dress rehearsals for the feature film I'm designing makeup on, had 3 days work experience on E4's Drifters, done makeup for a couple of weddings and had a fashion shoot. NOW BREATHE. 

It's safe to say things have been a little crazy again and as usual things such as blogging have gone on a back burner. Not to mention the amount of paperwork and washing I have to wade through just to get in my room. And with little time at home, the last thing I have is motivation to do all the other bits and pieces. 

I'm not promising anything this time. I've written several posts this year about how things are going to change and well ... they haven't. Of course I'm going to try but after today I'm working another 7 days in a row. My blog is slowly becoming a 
 Dear diary, I'm S*%T at writing blog posts and I'm really busy. Come back soon to no doubt see more of the same. Han x  

That's my rant over for the day. Now on to the huge to-do list I have, which I'll have you know does have blog planning on! 



15 July 2015

Sleeveless Jackets - 3 Styles, 3 Stores

Afternoon! Once again I've had a crazy few days (make that 10) so haven't had much time to sit down at my computer and blog. I've also just started a new part time job on the side of freelancing so it's all been a little bit mad. 

Anyway, as I'm sure you're all very aware by now, sleeveless jackets are THE in thing at the moment. I would love to be able to rock one but I just don't think they suit me! I've had a little look at some different ones online and come up with 3 very different outfits from 3 high street stores. 

First up ...

Next we have Topshop ...

And finally ...

I love how you can create such different looks with one staple piece of clothing. I love all these outfits and although I wouldn't necessarily wear the Topshop outfit myself, I think on the right person it would look amazing. Out of all 3 looks I would most likely wear the New Look one as I tend to dress quite casually. 

Have you invested in a sleeveless jacket? What do you wear yours with?



4 July 2015

A Budget Favourite - Makeup Revolution Eyeshadow Palette

As I posted mid-month about my current favourites, I thought I would skip writing a June favourites post and share something a bit different with you. 

Many of you will be very familiar with Makeup Revolution products as they're great value for money and they produce some pretty good products. I received this palette over a year ago in one of the BBB's Beauty Box. I wasn't really a fan at the time but since completing my makeup artist course and having delved around in my drawers to see what products were lurking in the depths, I came across this and decided to reacquaint myself. 

I don't even think Makeup Revolution produce this palette anymore, although I know they do something similar. In fact, their range of eyeshadow palettes are pretty impressive. If you haven't had a nosy recently then I suggest you do so here. I'm definitely going to invest in some more for my kit ... any excuse eh?

This palette includes a variety of very wearable shades, which suit the majority of people. I love how all the shades compliment each other and you can create some beautiful colour combinations or keep it simple and just choose one shade. 

As well as the beautiful range of eyeshadows, the palette also includes two brow shades, which are always a useful addition. I personally don't like the eyeshadow applicator as it's just one of those useless spongey things. The angled brush is pretty good and although I wouldn't use it on others, it's great in case of emergencies!

I've been really impressed with Makeup Revolution and the never ending creation of new products. An even bigger bonus is the affordability of these products. Things don't have to cost an arm and a leg to be good.

What do you think of Makeup Revolution products? Have you got any favourite products?




28 June 2015

Quarter Life Crisis - Is this Really Happening?

Dear Diary, why am I so rubbish at blogging/life at the moment? I've just come home from visiting my gran for a few days where I've had time to think, possibly overthink ... By no means do I think for a minute that there aren't bigger things going on in the world.  I'm well aware and send my condolences to all those involved and caught up in the recent happenings all over the world. But ... I need a rant/catch up.


I've been reading the wonderful book 'The C Word' by Lisa Lynch. Having enjoyed the BBC film I decided I wanted to read the book. I've been reading it for a few days now and am already on chapter 30. I just can't seem to put it down. Having started a blog to cope with her cancer, I love her style of writing. I can't relate to the journey from an illness perspective but as a blogger I can relate. She also discusses many other factors about life which many people can relate to. 

I don't want to spoil the book but it's certainly made me think about life. Cue quarter life crisis right about now. Having recently changed career, I'm one lost little fish in a big ocean. Being freelance/self employed isn't all it's cracked up to be. It's either bloody hard work or there's no work. I always knew it would be tough starting out and that I would have to work a lot for free, but that doesn't make it any easier at all. It's made me question on more occasions than I care to admit 'what is the purpose of life?'. 

Now it's a lovely Sunday afternoon so I'm not going to go all deep and question life, it's just a passing thought, well recurring thought really. Besides work I also question other parts of life. Why can't Ben and I have the money to live together? Why do we have to live so far apart (2 hours!)? And so on... Of course, money is the answer. And no work means no money. 

I've also put on a little bit of extra padding the past few months. A stone and a half to be precise. I'm not quite sure where it came from but it's certainly not budging easily. Nor do I have the motivation to do much about it. I think I'm sort of hoping it's going to magically disappear back to where it came from ... wherever that may be! 

And finally, why the hell can't I get my - slightly larger than usual - arse back into gear with blogging. I seem to have this mental block at the moment that prevents me from sitting down and actually blogging. I really miss it but again, where has my motivation disappeared to?

Enough of my ramblings but hopefully this post makes some sort of sense and gives you an insight to where I may have been whilst absent from the blog. If anyone finds my motivation lying in a ditch somewhere, please return asap!

Does this ever happen to you? Or am I well and truly losing it?




18 June 2015

Mid Month Favourites

Well it's safe to say I've not been any better at blogging recently. I've lost all motivation and rather than bring you rubbish content for the sake of it, I took a blogging holiday. It's only having stepped back for a while that I actually realised how much I miss it. I'm not going to promise lots of posts or any of that malarkey but I'm going to make more of an effort than I have been. Starting with today...

 As I haven't written about any favourites for quite a while, I thought I would do a mid month favourites. 

Batiste Dry Shampoo - Floral Essences

 Every girls best friend. Batiste has been a long time favourite of mine, but I have to say I'm a massive fan of all the new scents they've been bringing out. Especially this one, which is my absolute fave at the moment! It's perfect for summer.

NARS Narsissist Eyeshadow Palette

This had been on my wishlist for rather a while before I finally got my hands on one. Ben bought it for me a couple of months ago as an anniversary present. I LOVE it! I'm definitely going to devote a whole blog post to this beauty soon.

Ben Nye Luxury Powder in Cameo  

The world went bonkers for Ben Nye's banana powder after Kim K revealed it was one of her secret weapons to the contoured look we all know and love(mostly)! I too love the powder and as a makeup artist would be lost without this in my kit. However, on a personal level, I love it too and wear the shade Cameo as I'm so pale!

The Body Shop Mango Hand Cleanse Gel

This is one of my makeup kit essentials. I hate the medicinal smelling hand sanitizers so when I found out that The Body Shop do an array of wonderful, good enough to eat scents I knew I was onto something. My personal favourite is the Mango one.

Illamasqua Hydra Veil

Now we all love a good primer but my personal favourite at the moment has to be this beauty. It's a hyped up product and for very good reason. The clue is in the name, but it's so hydrating and created the perfet base for my makeup. It also gives pretty good staying power, a definite must for me!

What do you think of my mid month favourites? Are you loving any of these products too? Or what are your go-to products at the moment?





1 June 2015

New Month, New Me ... Game On

 Okay, so at the beginning of the year, I didn't like what my body was becomming. I was eating all the wrong foods and slowly piling on the pounds. I had noticed the changes and wanted to do something, but motivation was lacking. A few months on and, well, those pounds have continued to creep on and I'm now at a point where this has to stop.

I have a wardrobes and drawers full of clothes that no longer fit me. Clothes that were comfortable a few months ago that now cling in all the wrong places or just don't fit at all. The easy option would be to go and buy new clothes that are a couple of sizes bigger, but with no money ... that's not an option. Nor would I want it to be. 

I think I have to admit I've been fooling myself for a few months. Thinking it was just a phase and I would miraculously lose it one day. Well, no. What a stupid thought. I'm not overweight but I'm not comfortable so as well as shedding a few pounds, I want to feel healthier and fitter.

I've taken a before photo purely for motivation and in a month I'm going to take another to compare. If I'm feeling good, I might be brave enough to share it. I've also made a bet with Ben that I have to lose 10 pounds. Game on. 

Have you recently started a new regime? What are you hints and tips? Would you like me to update you with my progress?




28 May 2015

Exciting Job Offer

Remember me? I hope so! Working life is taking over at the moment. I'm definitely not as good at managing my time as I hoped I could be! This week I'm doing hair and makeup for my first feature film. It's all very exciting but that's not exactly what I'm here for today...

I've just been hired as Makeup Designer for a feature film that is being filmed later this year. To say I'm excited is probably an understatement! In fact, it's a massive understatement! I can't believe that having only been working professionally for a few months, I've already landed my first makeup designer job! 

The film itself is called Plastic Toys and is a horror film. I can't reveal too much at the moment but I've posted the trailer below for you all to feast your eyes on. And if you're feeling extra kind you can always donate to the film via Indiegogo or Kickstarter

Concept Art Banner by Graphic Artist Kalam Abul

And finally, what you've been waiting for. The trailer ...


 What did you think of the trailer?



18 May 2015

Review: Sleek Lipstick Palettes

It's true, you can NEVER have too much makeup! 
 At Christmas, I was given these Sleek lipstick palettes to add to my kit. I love their eyeshadow palettes so I had big expectations. Well, these little gems have well and truly found their home in my makeup bag. 

The palettes come in 6 different colour varieties, ranging from nude and coral to red and pink. I have Tease and Showgirl, which are the brightest of the selection. Each palette contains matte, satin and gloss finishes with both having a second satin shade. You can see from the swatches below how the shades/finishes look.

Out of the 2 palettes, Tease is definitely my favourite. It contains 4 varying shades that are all wearable for different occasions. Unlike Tease, Showgirl is a bit of a let down. 3 of the shades are so similar when swatched, with the only difference being the finish of each of the lipsticks. However when mixed with other lipstick shades, some beautiful colours can be made. 

My favourite shades from the palettes have to be Show Off and Lola, both of which are a satin finish. Overall the lipsticks have great staying power, the only downside I've found is the 2 matte shades are slightly drying. For £9 each these palettes are pretty good value and you can usually get them on offer in Superdrug or on the Sleek website. 

Do you own any of the Sleek lipstick palettes? Which one is your favourite?



12 May 2015

Working On ... Downton Abbey!

Ahhhhh! So yesterday I was lucky enough to be one of the makeup trainees on Downton Abbey. I was based in the crowd room with 3 other trainees and about 12 makeup artists. We had around 70 extras to get ready. I won't go into detail as I don't want to spoil it for you and also I don't want to be told off as it's all very top secret!

We then headed over to the set which was amazing, even if we were piled in to a drafty stairwell for most of the afternoon ... oh the classy life of a makeup artist! I then popped off to the loo, which was though the other side of the set. I came out fairly quietly just in case filming was going on and my god I'm pleased I did. They were filming the likes of Hugh Bonneville and Michelle Dockery right outside! Luckily the cameras were facing away from me, I don't think they would have been best pleased if they were filming the other way!

I'm so excited for the series to start and for that scene to be on TV! All in all I had such a good day and would do it again in a second if I am ever lucky enough to be asked again!

Do you watch Downton? 



5 May 2015

I'm Back ... Again

So after finally mastering the juggling act of blogging and becoming self-employed, it seems my act wasn't all that squeaky clean! The last 2 weeks have been insanely busy and to be honest I haven't known whether I'm coming or going. 

Last week was particularly hard as I ended up being awake for over 24 hours as I had a shoot followed by a night shoot which overran by 4 and a half hours! I was well and truly cream crackered. I had one day off before jumping back on the work wagon. I'm now working in theatre and loving it, however it leaves me little time to myself as I'm out from around 3pm-1am. 

I promise promise promise that I'm going to make a really big effort to get back on track as I really miss blogging and chatting to you all on Twitter. I finally feel like I've recuperated from last week's manic work schedule so here's to blogging (until the next mad rush of work).