14 November 2014

Delamar Week 9 - Casualty & Character Continued

Our second week of casualty and character was just as good as the first and we ended the week with final projects which were all amazing! Once again, I'll warn you now that there will be a bit of blood and gore towards the end of this post! On that note I wanted to state that all these looks are created with makeup for practice purposes and are not intended to offend/upset anyone.

DAY 1 

Day 1 was all about dirt. We started off the day by making each other look grubby and muddy. There are products specifically for dirt looks, which we had a play around with, however we found the best method was using coffee granules mixed with water. This gave a great effect dabbed onto cuts to look like gravel or flicked/thrown on for a more splattered effect. I was the model for the tutor - see bottom row of pictures and I then practiced on Caz - top row. In the afternoon we moved onto a dry dirt look with some broken veins in the cheeks and sun spots.


 Our second day was a fun one ... we turned each other into men! We added stubble by dabbing on a dark aqua colour (face paint) with a sponge. We added some lines under the eyes, a few broken veins and made the eyebrows a bit bushier. As you can see Caz is rocking the look rather well! We then added some cut up hair onto the face by dabbing it on with a brush. In the middle 2 pictures you can see that it really makes a difference to the appearance of the beard. Caz then had fun making me look like a man. Safe to say I think I'll stick to just being me. 


 So after the excitement of looking manly yesterday, day 3 was all about ageing. Time to see what we will potentially look like one day ... scary thought! We tested out a couple of different products to see how they wrinkled on the skin. We began by adding some lines into the face to make areas that wrinkle more prominent e.g. round the mouth and eyes. We used a product called Wrinkle Stipple by Ben Nye on one eye and on the other we used Liquid Latex. To apply the products, we stretched the skin in the opposite direction to the way wrinkles would form and painted on the product. Once dried, you could lightly pinch the face to make the product wrinkle slightly more. We then added a wig and headscarf for good measure. I think both Melissa and I look rather fetching grannies! 
In the afternoon we carried on practicing with a different product called Bluebird Old Age Stipple. This was appleid in the same way as the previous products but gave a much better effect.

DAY 4 

On Wednesday afternoon, we were all given our scenarios for our final project. On Thursday we had a day to practice different effects and run through what we were going to do on the Friday. It was a chance to play around with products and get any last minute advice from our tutor. My scenario was 'a young girl working in a chip shop has been burnt in a deep fat fryer explosion'. I played around with creating burns on Melissa's face and arm. Melissa's scenrio to create on me was 'a smart middle aged woman has been robbed and beaten up, she has been punched, fallen down and is very upset'. Melissa did some ageing on me, a black eye, some cuts and bruises, tear stains, scuffed my hands up and made my hair a bit messy.


Final project day! After practicing yesterday I really wanted to make my burns a bit more red than yesterday and less bloody. I'm really pleased with the outcome and can't believe how realistic it turned out. I also love the hand - you're probably all wondering how I did it and certainly all the other students at the college were too. I wish I could say it was all special effects but the truth is, Melissa was attacked by a shark. Okay, so I'm just joking, she was actually born with shorter fingers and I just HAD to incorporate these into my design!

Here's a look at all the other characters created...

Main Picture L-R:
Caroline made up by Alice (not pictured) - a young soldier has been hiding in the desert for 3 weeks and has bad sunburn and dehydration.
Laya made up by Sophie - a boxed has been rushed to casualty after being knocked unconscious halfway through a grueling 13 match.
Fran made up by Nadira - a middle ages woman has been involved in a car accident involving facial lacerations.
Claudia made up by Molly - a middle aged farmer has been kicked by a cow and broken his nose.
Caroline made up by Takshita - a prostitute has been arrested and is showing signs of long term physical abuse.

And now for the second half...

Main Picture L-R:
Melissa by me!
Molly made up by Claudia - a heroin addict has overdosed and is unconscious.
Sophie made up by Laya - an 18th century prostitute has been living on the streets and is suffering from scurvy.
Takshita made up by Caroline - a first world war soldier has shrapnel wounds to face and neck.
Nadira made up by Fran - a prostitute has been found strangled with scratches and cuts on her face.
Alice made up by Caz - an old tramp has fallen down drunk and badly bruised his face.

If you're reading this well done for getting through my mammoth post. I hope those pictures haven't been too gory for you! Casualty and character has definitely been my favourite topic so far and we all had so much fun!

What do you think of the looks I created? What do you think of all the final project looks? Which one is your favourite?


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