12 November 2014

Delamar Week 8 - Casualty & Character

After 5 weeks of hair, we were all more than ready to have a break and move onto something different. Our next topic was casualty and character which was for 2 weeks and perfect timing as our last day was Halloween! 

If you're squeamish then I warn you now there's blood and gore involved!


 On the first day we started off with basic black eye bruising. We used 3 different products to create different bruise effects. We used a grease based face paint type product, a product called bruise gels (name gives it all away!) and then we used a special effects palette. In the afternoon we moved onto cuts. We created our cuts using a variety of fake blood products. 


In the morning on day 2 we spent time making each other look ill and then developed the ill look into a dead look. Along the top row you can see my ill look on Fran and then on the second row it has been developed into a paler more blue look. In the afternoon we moved onto scabs and scars as well as heroin track marks. I modeled for our tutor, the wonderful Sallie Jaye, and she created some scabs around my mouth. You may be surprised to know that she used cornflakes and rice crispies to get a good 'scabby' effect!


 Day 3 was slightly different as we spent a day doing camouflage makeup. We have already touched on camouflage makeup on the face, however this was more in depth on how to cover tattoos and skin problems to create certain characters. I had the challenge of covering Melissa's tattoo. We had a couple of products to play around with and having figured out which one we were most comfortable with, we had a go at covering the whole tattoo. I was really pleased with my efforts as the tattoo was slightly raised so it was hard getting it to 'disappear'. 


Our 4th day was all about burns. We started off in the morning by creating a sunburn look. Once again, I modeled for Sallie and she gave me awful sunburn with blisters on my chest around the line of my top. It was so effective yet relatively easy to achieve. To give the appearance of sunburn, we used a product that is, funnily enough called Sunburn. It's basically a spray product that is coloured pinky/red and dries almost instantly. I had the challenge of giving Takshita sunbrun, which was much harder than I thought it would be. The problem I had is that ethnic skin tends not to burn but rather go darker. I gave it my best shot and I was pleased with the result.

In the afternoon we moved onto more severe burns. We used gelatin (yes, I know you're thinking Jelly!) to achieve our burns as well as a product called 3rd degree. Having applied the base to get the textured burn effect we then coloured the base before adding blood.  

 DAY 5

 Finally, to end the week, we learnt how to create bullet wounds. We used a moulding wax to create the basic shape before creating a hole in the center of it. We then added some colour and blood. Such a simple process but really effective! We then spent the afternoon practicing our bruising. I bruised Laya's shoulder and she then practiced on me. Her bruises across my back and over my shoulder were amazing and so realistic that I had to share the pictures with you!

So that's all the happenings from our first week. My next post will be all about our second week, which is more based on character, so you'll see some ageing going on and maybe even some gender transformations! If you have any questions about any of the looks created or products used then please leave me a comment or tweet me!

What do you think of the special effects we created? Which one is your favourite?


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