10 November 2014

Delamar Week 7 - Period Wigs

After our fortnight doing Hollywood Hair, we moved onto Period Wigs. None of us were really sure what to expect but we had heard from other classes that it was hard. Well it was and there were many stressful moments!


On the first day we got to grips with blocking the wigs. We had to add padding to the wig block so the wig would fit well and then pin it in at the back and tape/pin the front. We then got cracking with putting in wooden doweling to create these corkscrew curls - a very 19th century pride and prejudice look. The wigs go in a huge oven and have to bake for a good couple of hours so we actually ended up dressing our wigs out on day 2. We added in some hair pieces to thicken up the look and added some accessories once styled. 


 After dressing out our previous look in the morning, we then had to prepare our wig and set another style. Our next style was a 1940s one with the sides brushed up to give a large curl at the front and a curly back. The next morning we got to put these wigs on each other so I made the lovely Sophie ginger and she gave me a lovely blonde do. 


 Having dressed out our wigs and put them on each other in the morning, we then prepared our wigs again for a 1930s look. The look was tight curls at the top and frizzier curls towards the bottom. Again we put these in and let them bake overnight before applying them to each other on the morning of day 4.


 After our morning of putting wigs on each other we set out to tackle finger waves. This must be the most infuriating hairstyle to create in the entire world. So many of us struggled and given the curls are meant to be a tight S shape, we definitely failed miserably at getting them tight. We then dressed these out and added some hair accessories.


Finally, on day 5 we were allowed to recreate any of the styles from the week, ideally choosing the styles we struggled with the most. Many of the girls sensibly avoided doing finger waves, however I really wanted to work on them whilst the tutor was there so chose to give them another go. I was pleased with the final result, they are definitely much more defined than yesterday although I still have a long way to go before they are good. 

This week was definitely full of ups and downs. It was challenging at times but equally very fun putting the wigs on each other. I would say leave me a comment if you have any questions but the likelihood is I won't be able to help as these styles were so hard! I'm looking forward to sharing the next couple of posts from Delamar with you as they're all about Casualty & Character makeup. 

What do you think of my wig styles? Which one is your favourite?




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