4 November 2014

Delamar Week 6 - Hollywood Hair Continued

As mentioned in yesterday's post, we had 2 weeks of Hollywood Hair. This week things got a touch more complicated but after a welcomed weekend rest we were ready and raring to go ...


Our first day was all about creating an up do with an additional hair piece. As you can see I started out by putting hot sticks throughout Claudia's hair, apart from where the hair piece was to be added. I pincurled the area where the hairpiece was going to sit so there was a base to pin it in to and then put hot sticks in the hair piece. Once all the hair was cool, I took the set out and started off by adding in the hair piece. I then took sections of hair and started twisting them and pinning them in place and carried on doing this until all the hair was up. I played around with it a little until I was happy. This sort of hairstyle is perfect for wedding hair.

 Day 2 was all about padding. We were given huge rectangular pieces of padding, known as Patrick Cameron padding and told to create an up do with a quiff. The padding was pretty hard to work with as it was so large and it was difficult ensuring that all of it was covered with hair. I really like the finished design of this because it just adds a little something without becoming a complicated style.


  Today we were playing around with the switches again. Our aim was to add in the switch and fishtail it in with our natural hair. We then had to use padding to create a large elongated quiff. I was definitely much happier using the switch today and I love fishtail plaits so this was really fun. The fringe however, was not so fun and it took me so many attempts to get all the hair in neatly. We then got to finish our styles off with some accessories. I have Alice a pretty tiara and she gave me some flowers and a tiara.


 Day 4 was all about styling wefts of hair. We practiced styling the weft in various ways before using it in a variety of hair styles. To start with we were told to create a giant bun, almost like an extra large doughnut style bun. We then created 2 messy buns with the aim to get them both looking equal on either side. Finally we finished the day by creating mohawks on each other. I went for a bright red mohawk on Molly and was really pleased with the finished result.


I don't have any pictures from our final day as we ran out of time for me to practice. However our last day was all about extensions. We practiced clipping in extensions, gluing them in and finally sewing them in.

Our Hollywood hair unit was really good fun and we had some lovely tutors. Next post will be all about period wigs. If you have any questions about these styles please leave a comment or tweet me.

What do you think of the hairstyles from week 2 of Hollywood hair? Which one is your favourite?




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