3 November 2014

Delamar Week 5 - Hollywood Hair

Ahhh big apologies for being absent for a whole week! This last week has been mad with college and my first couple of jobs as a makeup artist. The last couple of weeks have been jam packed with learning so much new info and on Wednesday night I put my first couple of months training into practice by doing makeup at a Halloween party! After such a busy week I spent the weekend with Ben and having some 'me' time. 

Whilst having 'me' time I managed to sort all my photos from the past few weeks so am hoping to catch you up to speed with what we've learnt the past few weeks (famous last words). I'm hoping to give you a whistle stop tour this week and then get back on track with blogging as usual ... again, famous last words.

Week 5 was all about Hollywood hair. This meant anything from blow drying hair to attaching hair pieces to putting in foam padding and everything in between. 


On the first day we spent time adjusting from basic hair onto Hollywood hair. Whereas in basic hair we learned how to rough blow dry, Hollywood hair blow drying was all about creating volume and shape rather than just getting the hair dry in the fastest time possible. 


Having burnt many fingers during basic hair week whilst learning to put heated rollers and hot sticks in, little did we know there would be more burnt fingers heading our way in Hollywood hair. This time however we were putting the hot sticks in slightly differently. Melissa's hair certainly took very kindly to my set of hot sticks, though I'm not so sure she was as keen on her finished 'do'. 


On day 3 we spent time curling hair with both conical wands and curling tongs. Having used both many times, I was pretty happy today as it didn't involve anything too complicated. Then in the afternoon I got to grips with using a double pronged tong to create really tight S shaped curls. The double pronged tong works in exactly the same way as a normal tong however instead of wrapping round one heated barrel, wrap the hair around 2 barrels in a figure of 8.


   This was the day I struggled with the most. We were practicing putting switches (fake ponytails) into each others hair. The brief was to create a directional quiff with a long curly ponytail. I like my finished result however I struggled with it as my ponytail kept falling out Nadira's hair as it was so clean and soft. In the afternoon we practiced on the dolly heads and I created this cute low bun. You can also see Nadira's work on me. 


We ended the week creating victory rolls and Paloma Faith style fringe roll. We spent the morning setting the hair in rollers and dressing it out before styling it in the afternoon. It took several attempts to get the victory rolls looking good and at the right angle but I was pleased with my finished style. This fringe roll was much harder to do than I thought it would be as it's just rolling hair around a piece of padding, however it was hard keeping the same tension throughout. 

By the end of the week I was more than ready for the weekend as it was a very welcome break from styling hair. However Hollywood hair was spread over 2 weeks so any guesses on what Week 6's post might be on? As usual if you have any questions feel free to tweet me or leave me a comment. 

What do you think of my Hollywood hairstyles? Which one is your favoruite?




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