26 November 2014

Delamar Week 10 - Airbrushing & Bodypainting

After an amazing 2 weeks doing casualty and character makeup, we moved onto airbrushing and bodypainting. On the first day we went through how to take the airbrush apart and put it back together as well as doodling on some tissue to get the idea of how it works. In the afternoon we paired up and practiced on each other. It's fair to say that Melissa and I didn't really get along with the airbrush!

 On day 2 we had the task of creating 3 looks. We had to start with a basic day look before transitioning it into an evening look. We then had to develop the evening look into a fashion look and throughout the process we weren't allowed to remove makeup at any point. It all had to be layered on and transition smoothly.

 I worked with Sophie for our 3 transition looks. I started off with a flawless base, some light contouring and a touch of blush. On the eyes I did some eyeliner and left it at that for my day look. For my night look I added more of a smokey eye into the look. I used some shimmer on the eyes too and accentuated the brow bone with this shimmer too. I then applied lip colour. Finally I added some pinky purple to my look and winged the eye out all the way to the hairline. I also made the eyelids a lot more intense and finished off by lining the lips in black. Given my disaster yesterday I was pretty pleased with todays efforts.

On day 3 we spent some time on tattoos. We spent the morning applying temporary tattoos to each other and filling them in as well as learning about the process behind covering tattoos. 

On On day 4 we were set the challenge to create a masked look. We practiced our looks on day 3 and did the real thing on day 4. I went for a monochrome look on Alice. I went for a grey base with a white mask and black eyes. I stenciled on black detailing and finished off the look with a pop of colour. As Alice had a red bow in her hair I decided to give her a red lip. I went for a very simple design but it took ages to perfect the edges and get the stencil on without smudging. Alice then airbrushed me. I love the finished look she created and the floral crown really finishes the look. 

Finally, at the end of the week we moved onto bodypainting. The tutor gave us a demo of a khaki shirt on Caroline. It's amazing how you can paint a piece of clothing on and make it look 3D. The tutor made it look so easy but it was actually pretty difficult to master! I had a go with Fran and for a first attempt was pleased with the outcome. There are bits that I would change but it was good fun. 

And that was airbrushing and bodypainting done and dusted. I think it's amazing what you can do but for now I think I'll stick with a traditional set of brushes to apply makeup. I'd love to learn a bit more bodypainting in the future but for now I don't think it's for me. 

Have you ever airbrushed or bodypainted? What do you think of my attempts?



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