30 November 2014

Quote of the Day #11

Having felt a tad under the weather recently, I spent most of yesterday tucked up in bed keeping warm and sniffling the day away. After catching up on a fair amount of TV and planning a few blog posts I took to Pinterest to have a mooch. It's been quite a while since I had a good nosey and today I ended up on one of my favourite topics ... quotes. 

I love a good quote (incase you didn't know!) and ended up looking up some very relevant quotes to my life right now. Due to various events this past week, I started thinking about how peoples actions and words can have such an effect on others. Words can be completely harmless, yet mean so much to us at the same time. What one person may see as a joke, another may be insulted. What one person means can be completely misinterpreted by someone else.

So that got a bit deep but I hope this makes you think a little more before you speak. You never know who you might upset or what damage you may unintentionally do. 

What do you think of this quote? Do you agree with it? 


26 November 2014

Delamar Week 10 - Airbrushing & Bodypainting

After an amazing 2 weeks doing casualty and character makeup, we moved onto airbrushing and bodypainting. On the first day we went through how to take the airbrush apart and put it back together as well as doodling on some tissue to get the idea of how it works. In the afternoon we paired up and practiced on each other. It's fair to say that Melissa and I didn't really get along with the airbrush!

 On day 2 we had the task of creating 3 looks. We had to start with a basic day look before transitioning it into an evening look. We then had to develop the evening look into a fashion look and throughout the process we weren't allowed to remove makeup at any point. It all had to be layered on and transition smoothly.

 I worked with Sophie for our 3 transition looks. I started off with a flawless base, some light contouring and a touch of blush. On the eyes I did some eyeliner and left it at that for my day look. For my night look I added more of a smokey eye into the look. I used some shimmer on the eyes too and accentuated the brow bone with this shimmer too. I then applied lip colour. Finally I added some pinky purple to my look and winged the eye out all the way to the hairline. I also made the eyelids a lot more intense and finished off by lining the lips in black. Given my disaster yesterday I was pretty pleased with todays efforts.

On day 3 we spent some time on tattoos. We spent the morning applying temporary tattoos to each other and filling them in as well as learning about the process behind covering tattoos. 

On On day 4 we were set the challenge to create a masked look. We practiced our looks on day 3 and did the real thing on day 4. I went for a monochrome look on Alice. I went for a grey base with a white mask and black eyes. I stenciled on black detailing and finished off the look with a pop of colour. As Alice had a red bow in her hair I decided to give her a red lip. I went for a very simple design but it took ages to perfect the edges and get the stencil on without smudging. Alice then airbrushed me. I love the finished look she created and the floral crown really finishes the look. 

Finally, at the end of the week we moved onto bodypainting. The tutor gave us a demo of a khaki shirt on Caroline. It's amazing how you can paint a piece of clothing on and make it look 3D. The tutor made it look so easy but it was actually pretty difficult to master! I had a go with Fran and for a first attempt was pleased with the outcome. There are bits that I would change but it was good fun. 

And that was airbrushing and bodypainting done and dusted. I think it's amazing what you can do but for now I think I'll stick with a traditional set of brushes to apply makeup. I'd love to learn a bit more bodypainting in the future but for now I don't think it's for me. 

Have you ever airbrushed or bodypainted? What do you think of my attempts?


24 November 2014

Review: No7 Stay Perfect Superlight Foundation

 I'm always up for trying a new foundation out and part of being a makeup artist is to know what works for you and be comfortable with the products you're using. A while ago No7 had an offer on their foundations so I bought a few for my kit. This was one of the ones I chose to try on several recommendations from others.

The foundation is really thin and light but the coverage is surprisingly good.You can apply a small amount to achieve a light to medium coverage but you can easily layer the foundation up for a full coverage look, which is what I tend to do in problem areas such as through my t-zone and on my rosy cheeks. I've also found I don't always need to use a concealer with this when I'm applying a good amount of coverage.

The shade range is surprisingly good and for £14.50 you can't complain! I currently have this shade and a much darker shade in my kit but I definitely want to invest in more of the shades now I know that I love the foundation and the finish. I've also found this stays really well all day when lightly powdered through any oily areas such as the t-zone. A definite plus for me!

Have you tried this foundation? What did you think of it? Or do you recommend any other No7 foundations?


22 November 2014

Illamasqua Event & Haul

About 6 weeks ago now, I had the opportunity to go to an event at Illamasqua's Flagship store in London. We had a demo by one of their top makeup artists and then had the chance to spend spend spend with a complimentary discount. 

 The look created was beautiful. It was really good to be able to take photos throughout and ask any questions. The palette used on the models eyes was one of the new Facets palettes. On the lips a mix of lipsticks were used with the main one being Growl (see below). The makeup artist then went in with a pigment to lighten the centre of the lips. 

 The store itself was also stunning. I can't believe I had never been before, it's definitely going to be somewhere I frequent more often! I loved the whole design of the store and everything was so neat and perfect. My favourite part of the store was the center piece (pictured middle), it's so quaint and pretty.

It was then time to decide what to spend my money on ...

I did get a little carried away but who can resist a bit of discount? I ended up buying:
Hydra Veil Primer
Gleam Highlighter in Aurora
Pure Pigment in Static
Lipstick in Growl
Multi Facet Palette in Semblance

Hydra Veil and Gleam Highlighter in Aurora have both been on my wishlist for some time now. However the other 3 items were purely impulse buys as they were all used on the model and looked lovely. This lipstick is the perfect winter shade and looks beautiful with a touch of the pigment pressed over. I chose to get one of the palettes because this is the perfect essential for a trip away. It has everything, a blusher, a highlighter, a contour colour, eyeshadows, a brow shade and a black powder liner.

All in all it was a great evening and far too much money was spent by all. I'm hoping to give you the low down on this palette at some point too. 

Do you love Illamasqua? Have you used any of these products? Or do you have any recommendations for me?



17 November 2014

Pamper Yourself Pretty

Having felt a bit rubbish the past few days, I decided to have a bit of me time yesterday. There's nothing better than relaxing and unwinding in a warm bubble bath when it's cold outside. It was so good, I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products to complete your pamper sesh. 

 For my bubbles I used the Simple bath cream as I find this really gentle on my skin and doesn't affect my eczema. The candle I chose is the Mandarin Cranberry Yankee Candle. I thought I would get in the festive mood before a spot of Christmas shopping.
While this beaut of a bubble bath was running, I applied a hair and face mask...

My favourite thing to use for a hair mask at the moment is coconut oil. It leaves my hair so soft and is such good value for money. See full review here. I have quite a few face masks but today I tried out this Cattier one I received in my October Birchbox. It's a clay mask so dried really tight but definitely left my face feeling amazing.

As you can see in the first picture, I decided to use my Neutrogena face scrub, which smells amazing! I then used Soap & Glory's The Scrub of Your Life. After soaking for a tad longer, I finally dragged myself out the bath to continue my pampering tucked up under a blanket.

Before my bath I had taken my old chipped nail varnish off and so after my soak, I decided to file and re-paint my nails. I always feel so much better when I have painted nails and especially when they aren't chipped!

So that was my little pamper session yesterday morning. It was just what I needed to relax and have some me time before tackling some Christmas shopping for my munchkin nephews and niece.

What are your favourite products for a pamper session? Are any of them the same as mine?



14 November 2014

Delamar Week 9 - Casualty & Character Continued

Our second week of casualty and character was just as good as the first and we ended the week with final projects which were all amazing! Once again, I'll warn you now that there will be a bit of blood and gore towards the end of this post! On that note I wanted to state that all these looks are created with makeup for practice purposes and are not intended to offend/upset anyone.

DAY 1 

Day 1 was all about dirt. We started off the day by making each other look grubby and muddy. There are products specifically for dirt looks, which we had a play around with, however we found the best method was using coffee granules mixed with water. This gave a great effect dabbed onto cuts to look like gravel or flicked/thrown on for a more splattered effect. I was the model for the tutor - see bottom row of pictures and I then practiced on Caz - top row. In the afternoon we moved onto a dry dirt look with some broken veins in the cheeks and sun spots.


 Our second day was a fun one ... we turned each other into men! We added stubble by dabbing on a dark aqua colour (face paint) with a sponge. We added some lines under the eyes, a few broken veins and made the eyebrows a bit bushier. As you can see Caz is rocking the look rather well! We then added some cut up hair onto the face by dabbing it on with a brush. In the middle 2 pictures you can see that it really makes a difference to the appearance of the beard. Caz then had fun making me look like a man. Safe to say I think I'll stick to just being me. 


 So after the excitement of looking manly yesterday, day 3 was all about ageing. Time to see what we will potentially look like one day ... scary thought! We tested out a couple of different products to see how they wrinkled on the skin. We began by adding some lines into the face to make areas that wrinkle more prominent e.g. round the mouth and eyes. We used a product called Wrinkle Stipple by Ben Nye on one eye and on the other we used Liquid Latex. To apply the products, we stretched the skin in the opposite direction to the way wrinkles would form and painted on the product. Once dried, you could lightly pinch the face to make the product wrinkle slightly more. We then added a wig and headscarf for good measure. I think both Melissa and I look rather fetching grannies! 
In the afternoon we carried on practicing with a different product called Bluebird Old Age Stipple. This was appleid in the same way as the previous products but gave a much better effect.

DAY 4 

On Wednesday afternoon, we were all given our scenarios for our final project. On Thursday we had a day to practice different effects and run through what we were going to do on the Friday. It was a chance to play around with products and get any last minute advice from our tutor. My scenario was 'a young girl working in a chip shop has been burnt in a deep fat fryer explosion'. I played around with creating burns on Melissa's face and arm. Melissa's scenrio to create on me was 'a smart middle aged woman has been robbed and beaten up, she has been punched, fallen down and is very upset'. Melissa did some ageing on me, a black eye, some cuts and bruises, tear stains, scuffed my hands up and made my hair a bit messy.


Final project day! After practicing yesterday I really wanted to make my burns a bit more red than yesterday and less bloody. I'm really pleased with the outcome and can't believe how realistic it turned out. I also love the hand - you're probably all wondering how I did it and certainly all the other students at the college were too. I wish I could say it was all special effects but the truth is, Melissa was attacked by a shark. Okay, so I'm just joking, she was actually born with shorter fingers and I just HAD to incorporate these into my design!

Here's a look at all the other characters created...

Main Picture L-R:
Caroline made up by Alice (not pictured) - a young soldier has been hiding in the desert for 3 weeks and has bad sunburn and dehydration.
Laya made up by Sophie - a boxed has been rushed to casualty after being knocked unconscious halfway through a grueling 13 match.
Fran made up by Nadira - a middle ages woman has been involved in a car accident involving facial lacerations.
Claudia made up by Molly - a middle aged farmer has been kicked by a cow and broken his nose.
Caroline made up by Takshita - a prostitute has been arrested and is showing signs of long term physical abuse.

And now for the second half...

Main Picture L-R:
Melissa by me!
Molly made up by Claudia - a heroin addict has overdosed and is unconscious.
Sophie made up by Laya - an 18th century prostitute has been living on the streets and is suffering from scurvy.
Takshita made up by Caroline - a first world war soldier has shrapnel wounds to face and neck.
Nadira made up by Fran - a prostitute has been found strangled with scratches and cuts on her face.
Alice made up by Caz - an old tramp has fallen down drunk and badly bruised his face.

If you're reading this well done for getting through my mammoth post. I hope those pictures haven't been too gory for you! Casualty and character has definitely been my favourite topic so far and we all had so much fun!

What do you think of the looks I created? What do you think of all the final project looks? Which one is your favourite?


12 November 2014

Delamar Week 8 - Casualty & Character

After 5 weeks of hair, we were all more than ready to have a break and move onto something different. Our next topic was casualty and character which was for 2 weeks and perfect timing as our last day was Halloween! 

If you're squeamish then I warn you now there's blood and gore involved!


 On the first day we started off with basic black eye bruising. We used 3 different products to create different bruise effects. We used a grease based face paint type product, a product called bruise gels (name gives it all away!) and then we used a special effects palette. In the afternoon we moved onto cuts. We created our cuts using a variety of fake blood products. 


In the morning on day 2 we spent time making each other look ill and then developed the ill look into a dead look. Along the top row you can see my ill look on Fran and then on the second row it has been developed into a paler more blue look. In the afternoon we moved onto scabs and scars as well as heroin track marks. I modeled for our tutor, the wonderful Sallie Jaye, and she created some scabs around my mouth. You may be surprised to know that she used cornflakes and rice crispies to get a good 'scabby' effect!


 Day 3 was slightly different as we spent a day doing camouflage makeup. We have already touched on camouflage makeup on the face, however this was more in depth on how to cover tattoos and skin problems to create certain characters. I had the challenge of covering Melissa's tattoo. We had a couple of products to play around with and having figured out which one we were most comfortable with, we had a go at covering the whole tattoo. I was really pleased with my efforts as the tattoo was slightly raised so it was hard getting it to 'disappear'. 


Our 4th day was all about burns. We started off in the morning by creating a sunburn look. Once again, I modeled for Sallie and she gave me awful sunburn with blisters on my chest around the line of my top. It was so effective yet relatively easy to achieve. To give the appearance of sunburn, we used a product that is, funnily enough called Sunburn. It's basically a spray product that is coloured pinky/red and dries almost instantly. I had the challenge of giving Takshita sunbrun, which was much harder than I thought it would be. The problem I had is that ethnic skin tends not to burn but rather go darker. I gave it my best shot and I was pleased with the result.

In the afternoon we moved onto more severe burns. We used gelatin (yes, I know you're thinking Jelly!) to achieve our burns as well as a product called 3rd degree. Having applied the base to get the textured burn effect we then coloured the base before adding blood.  

 DAY 5

 Finally, to end the week, we learnt how to create bullet wounds. We used a moulding wax to create the basic shape before creating a hole in the center of it. We then added some colour and blood. Such a simple process but really effective! We then spent the afternoon practicing our bruising. I bruised Laya's shoulder and she then practiced on me. Her bruises across my back and over my shoulder were amazing and so realistic that I had to share the pictures with you!

So that's all the happenings from our first week. My next post will be all about our second week, which is more based on character, so you'll see some ageing going on and maybe even some gender transformations! If you have any questions about any of the looks created or products used then please leave me a comment or tweet me!

What do you think of the special effects we created? Which one is your favourite?


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10 November 2014

Delamar Week 7 - Period Wigs

After our fortnight doing Hollywood Hair, we moved onto Period Wigs. None of us were really sure what to expect but we had heard from other classes that it was hard. Well it was and there were many stressful moments!


On the first day we got to grips with blocking the wigs. We had to add padding to the wig block so the wig would fit well and then pin it in at the back and tape/pin the front. We then got cracking with putting in wooden doweling to create these corkscrew curls - a very 19th century pride and prejudice look. The wigs go in a huge oven and have to bake for a good couple of hours so we actually ended up dressing our wigs out on day 2. We added in some hair pieces to thicken up the look and added some accessories once styled. 


 After dressing out our previous look in the morning, we then had to prepare our wig and set another style. Our next style was a 1940s one with the sides brushed up to give a large curl at the front and a curly back. The next morning we got to put these wigs on each other so I made the lovely Sophie ginger and she gave me a lovely blonde do. 


 Having dressed out our wigs and put them on each other in the morning, we then prepared our wigs again for a 1930s look. The look was tight curls at the top and frizzier curls towards the bottom. Again we put these in and let them bake overnight before applying them to each other on the morning of day 4.


 After our morning of putting wigs on each other we set out to tackle finger waves. This must be the most infuriating hairstyle to create in the entire world. So many of us struggled and given the curls are meant to be a tight S shape, we definitely failed miserably at getting them tight. We then dressed these out and added some hair accessories.


Finally, on day 5 we were allowed to recreate any of the styles from the week, ideally choosing the styles we struggled with the most. Many of the girls sensibly avoided doing finger waves, however I really wanted to work on them whilst the tutor was there so chose to give them another go. I was pleased with the final result, they are definitely much more defined than yesterday although I still have a long way to go before they are good. 

This week was definitely full of ups and downs. It was challenging at times but equally very fun putting the wigs on each other. I would say leave me a comment if you have any questions but the likelihood is I won't be able to help as these styles were so hard! I'm looking forward to sharing the next couple of posts from Delamar with you as they're all about Casualty & Character makeup. 

What do you think of my wig styles? Which one is your favourite?



8 November 2014

October Favourites

Wow, what a busy week again! I always start the week with no plans and the intention to catch up on blogging and end up being so busy that I have no time to blog when I want to or schedule posts for that matter! I've finally found some time to sit down and blog and schedule a few posts ... hallelujah! 

Diorskin Airflash Spray Foundation

 Having started my course and not having much time in the morning to get ready (damn you snooze button), this foundation has been my little face saver. Most days I don't wear makeup as we model for each other but on the weeks where we have been doing hair, it's nice to wear a bit of foundation and mascara. This is perfect as I can get my foundation on in about 2 seconds by giving a light spray all over my face. It barely needs blending too! 

L'Oreal Glam Bronze 

 I received this little beaut in my work leaving goodie bag. It's probably not something I would have bought myself but after giving it a go, I love it. I've barely worn any other bronzer/blush/highlight since receiving this. I absolutely love that you can use this one product for all 3, ideal for those rushed mornings I mentioned above! And look at the beautiful swatches!

Rimmel Space Dust Nail Paint

Last year I went a little crazy for the space dust nail colours from Rimmel. Well, since I can no longer afford to get a gel manicure, I have resorted back to painting my own nails. I rediscovered these in the depths of my giant nail polish stash and have fallen in love again!

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Eye Brush

It's no secret that I'm a big fan of the RT brushes and own pretty much all of them! When I first used the duo fiber collection I wasn't sure what to make of the brushes but they have grown on me the more I've used them. Especially the eye brush. This is now my favourite brush for blending out the edges of any eye look. 

Vichy Dermablend Setting Powder

I've always preferred using a coloured powder to set my foundation so I get slightly more coverage. However since starting my course, I've ditched the coloured powder and now this translucent setting powder has become my go to product. I also own the MAC prep and prime powder which is just as good but lives in my kit.

Office Burgundy Suede Monk Shoes

I recently decided I wanted to snazz up my shoe collection with some nice flats that weren't pumps. I live in boots or converse but have nothing in between the 2. I saw these in Office and fell in love. They also come in black but I decided to go for these as they're a bit more unique.

What were your October favourites? Were any of them the same as mine?


4 November 2014

Delamar Week 6 - Hollywood Hair Continued

As mentioned in yesterday's post, we had 2 weeks of Hollywood Hair. This week things got a touch more complicated but after a welcomed weekend rest we were ready and raring to go ...


Our first day was all about creating an up do with an additional hair piece. As you can see I started out by putting hot sticks throughout Claudia's hair, apart from where the hair piece was to be added. I pincurled the area where the hairpiece was going to sit so there was a base to pin it in to and then put hot sticks in the hair piece. Once all the hair was cool, I took the set out and started off by adding in the hair piece. I then took sections of hair and started twisting them and pinning them in place and carried on doing this until all the hair was up. I played around with it a little until I was happy. This sort of hairstyle is perfect for wedding hair.

 Day 2 was all about padding. We were given huge rectangular pieces of padding, known as Patrick Cameron padding and told to create an up do with a quiff. The padding was pretty hard to work with as it was so large and it was difficult ensuring that all of it was covered with hair. I really like the finished design of this because it just adds a little something without becoming a complicated style.


  Today we were playing around with the switches again. Our aim was to add in the switch and fishtail it in with our natural hair. We then had to use padding to create a large elongated quiff. I was definitely much happier using the switch today and I love fishtail plaits so this was really fun. The fringe however, was not so fun and it took me so many attempts to get all the hair in neatly. We then got to finish our styles off with some accessories. I have Alice a pretty tiara and she gave me some flowers and a tiara.


 Day 4 was all about styling wefts of hair. We practiced styling the weft in various ways before using it in a variety of hair styles. To start with we were told to create a giant bun, almost like an extra large doughnut style bun. We then created 2 messy buns with the aim to get them both looking equal on either side. Finally we finished the day by creating mohawks on each other. I went for a bright red mohawk on Molly and was really pleased with the finished result.


I don't have any pictures from our final day as we ran out of time for me to practice. However our last day was all about extensions. We practiced clipping in extensions, gluing them in and finally sewing them in.

Our Hollywood hair unit was really good fun and we had some lovely tutors. Next post will be all about period wigs. If you have any questions about these styles please leave a comment or tweet me.

What do you think of the hairstyles from week 2 of Hollywood hair? Which one is your favourite?