20 October 2014

Winter Warmers - The Faux Fur Coat

This past couple of weeks I have been drooling over all the faux fur coats that have been lining the shelves of shops. I've never owned a fur coat but I'm slowly finding more and more that I want, maybe I can make up for all those years I missed out?

2. Mink Boyfriend Faux Fur Coat - Dorothy Perkins
5. Port Faux Fur Coat - Dorothy Perkins
7. Shawl Collar Faux Fur Coat - Miss Selfridge

I think my favourite of all these coats is number 2 however I also really like number 5 as it's such a unique colour. I keep trying to persuade Ben to buy me one but funnily enough, he's not that easily persuaded. Plus, I'm trying to justify buying a fur coat in rainy England.

Do you own a fur coat? If not, what's your favoutite jacket/coat?




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