13 October 2014

Delamar Week 3 - Facial Hair

Welcome back to another Delamar catch up post! I intended to get most of these up last week but once again, the week was pretty hectic so it didn't quite happen! 

Week 3 was all about facial hair. We spent pretty much the whole week making one moustache, some eyelashes and learning how to repair lace. What we weren't prepared for when starting out was that we would be knotting single hairs onto the tiniest piece of lace … cue lots of strained eyes! As tedious as it sounds, it turned out to be quite therapeutic.  

To start off we were given a piece of lace and a clump of hair. We pinned our lace onto our blocks, making sure it was nice and tight but not over stretched. We then started at the top of the moustache and worked our way down. Once the left hand side was complete, we moved onto the other side. Having knotted both sides of the moustache, I added in a few random hairs around the edges to break up the harsh lines. 

As you can see my moustache was crazy when I first trimmed it and I wasn't too sure whether I could tame it or not! However I managed to tong my moustache to give it some shape and trim some extra bits here and there! I was really pleased with the final piece! I also made a goatee to go with it, using the same technique. 

We then all applied our moustaches for a lovely group picture. I have to say it is such a weird feeling to begin with and you don't really know how to move your mouth, but we very quickly became accustomed to them. 

During the week we also had the chance to make some false lashes. It was a welcomed break from making moustaches and really interesting to learn. We started off with 2 pieces of invisible nylon attached to our block over 2 lines that were measured so the lashes would fit us. We then knotted on hair to the nylon in the same way as we did for the moustaches. Once the whole line was filled with hair, we popped a tiny amount of glue at either end to stop the hairs falling off, before trimming and curling them.

I was really pleased with my lashes, however the only downside was that I trimmed them so they were both for the same eye! What an idiot! So unfortunately I can't rock my new lashes but it was a good experience learning how to make them.

And that just about sums up facial hair week. The next post in my Delamar series will be all about our basic hair week. If you have any questions on products/techniques used then tweet me or leave a comment. 

What do you think of my moustache? Does it suit me? Have you ever tried anything like this?



  1. This is so cool! Like seriously I'm so impressed with all the moustaches, must have taken forever and a lot of patience! It's a shame you trimmed your lashes wrong haha but at least you'll know for next time :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. Aw thank you so much! It took so long and there were certainly some very frustrated people but it was so worth it! Yeah it's the sort of mistake you only make once! Will definitely be more careful next time! X


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