8 October 2014

Delamar Week 2 - Period Makeup

Right ladies and gents, are you all ready for a laugh at some hilarious period makeup looks that we created in the second week of our course? If so ... keep reading!

First up was a look from the mid 18th century. We were taught how to block out eyebrows and the edges of the lips to help create the right look for that period. The look was a very white base, large triangluar shaped blush, red lips and dark drawn on brows. We then borrowed a wig to complete the look for the pictures. It was a very fun afternoon but I don't think it's a look many of us will be rocking on a regular basis!

Top: My lovely model Molly
Bottom: Me - makeup done by Molly and Melissa - makeup done by tutor

The next day we created looks from the 1920s and 1930s. I worked on Caroline to create my 1920s look. Again the base was quite pale (not as extreme as the mid 18th century!). Eyeshadow tended to be darker greys and much more rounded than other looks. The lips were still red but were enhanced by drawing the lipline slightly outside the natural lip shape. 


Nadira was my model in the afternoon for 1930s.The 1930s was a much more subtle eye and a time when blues and greens were coming in. I went for a subtle green shade and again lips were still red, but a slightly more toned down orangey red. The blush was much more neutral too.


Next up it was time for the 1940s and 1950s. Laya was my model for the 1940s which again was a much more neutral look as makeup was in short supply due to the war. We created a very neutral eye with taupe and brown shadows. Again red lipstick was the only colour that was widely available at this time.


In the afternoon, Caroline modeled for me again for my 1950s look. I was really excited for this look because we could finally get a bit of winged liner in there and some pink lipstick! The eyes were still quite neutral but the winged liner definitely jazzes up the eyes a bit more.  


The following day we were onto the 1960s. We had the whole day to create this look as it was much more intense. Claudia was my lovely model and this was definitely my favourite look of the week. The base was a good coverage with nice rosy cheeks. Lips were a light neutral pink with a bit of gloss over the top. However it was the eyes that were the main focus in this look. I went for a smoky grey eye with a touch of subtle blue shadow over the top. We lined the lashes and even drew some lashes on along the bottom lash line before finishing off with some gorgeous false eyelashes.


Finally we ended the week with looks from the 1970s and 1980s. The lovely Sophie was my model all day. In the morning we created a sunkissed 70s look. We were aiming for bronzed look with a glamorous neutral eye and a nude lip. I think this is definitely the most wearable of all the looks we created this week and it's perfect for the summer!


In the afternoon, it was time to go wild with colour for the 1980s look. This was a mission to create without ending up with a muddy mix of eyeshadow but I love the OTT look. The base was quite dewy and light with very angular bright blush. Eyes were obviously a big feature with the black, indigo and pink shadow with a touch of pearlescent pigment added in. I picked out the pink shadow and matched my lipstick shade up as well as using some of the pigment in the centre of the bottom lip.

  So there you have all the looks I created during period makeup week. This was such a fun week but was so intense trying to master all these looks in such a short time period (no pun intended!). Next post in my Delamar series will be all about our facial hair week. Again you'll be in for a few laughs at all of us with moustaches!

Once again if anyone has any questions about any of the looks or products used, leave me a comment or tweet me!

What do you think of the looks I created in period makeup week? Which one is your favourite?



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