27 October 2014

Review: Real Techniques Nic's Picks

I'm a big RT fan. I own most of the collection and every time they bring something new out, I'm hooked and have to try it! When I saw they were releasing Nic's Picks with 3 new cuts, it was added to my list straight away!I managed to find the set with discount so instead of paying £29.99 I managed to save £5 and buy it for £24.99.

L-R: Duo-Fiber Face Brush, Cheek Brush, Angled Shadow Brush, Base Shadow Brush & Eyeliner Brush

 Now onto the brushes... The set includes the duo-fiber face brush and base shadow brush that have already been seen. However the 3 exclusive brushes are the cheek brush, angled shadow brush and eyeliner brush. You'll also notice that the design is different and that the brushes are all silver rather than pink/orange/purple. However I really like that they've kept the colour theme by coordinating the writing on these brushes.

All of these brushes live up to the RT standards and although many have been complaining about their durability recently, I haven't had any problems with my brushes. My favourites from this kit are definitely the cheek brush and the angled shadow brush. I've found the cheek brush great for blush and contouring although I've seen others use this as a foundation brush, which I am yet to test out. I really like the angled shadow brush as it's great for blending through the crease. 

I'm not usually one for applying eyeliner with a brush as I tend to use a felt tip style liner, however this new eyeliner brush is much better than the angled one that comes in the eye set as it's much finer. 

Overall I'm really pleased with this little set. As a makeup artist you can never have enough brushes so these are very welcome additions into my rather large and ever growing collection!

Have you tried these brushes? What do you think of them?


24 October 2014

Delamar Week 4 - Basic Hair

Week 4 at Delamar was all about basic hair. We learnt how to put both hot and cold rollers in, hot sticks/bendys in, how to french pleat and how to do other various plaits. No one was particularly confident about this week as the majority of us had never done hair before apart from the odd friends hair for a night out. 

Top  Row - Day 1 
Row 2 - Day 2 and 3
Row 3 - Day 3
Row 4 - Day 4 and 5

On the first day we spent time sectioning the hair and learning how to create really clean lines and equal sections. We then practiced putting in flock rollers and dressing it out once done. 

The second day was spent putting in hot rollers, also known as Carmen rollers. It sounds simple whacking in a few rollers but I can assure you that by the end of the day there were lots of burnt fingers! Getting the rollers in quickly and efficiently without loose hair or burnt fingers is a challenge to say the least when you first start! We then practiced on each other in the afternoon.

We then spent a day putting in hot sticks or bendy rollers. These are also hot so it was another day of burnt fingertips and lots of cursing and swearing. You can see above the effect that the hot sticks give when taken out. I certainly wouldn't like this on my hair but I love the effect it gives. We then brushed this look out and practiced bending the hair into finger waves. 

At the end of the week we practiced putting a french pleat in. This is so much harder than it looks because if you don't keep the tension right then it's a mess. And even if you do have the right tension, there is no guarantee that when you pin it together that it will stay! I got the hang of it after several attempts but there is definitely still room for improvement! 

Finally, we practiced plaiting. We covered french plaits, reverse french plaits and fishtails. I used to be able to french plait but having not done it for a fair few years it took a while to get back into the swing of it. Again I can do it however I definitely need some practice at getting it really neat. Fishtails are something I've been able to do for a while, however I've never done one all the way down the back of the head before. Usually I would pull all my hair to one side and then plait it. 

So theres a whistle stop tour of the looks we created in basic hair. The next Delamar post is all about Hollywood Hair so lookout for some more advanced styles in that post! If you have any questions about these styles or want me to go over anything in more detail then tweet me or leave a comment below!

What do you think of the hairstyles I created this week? 


20 October 2014

Winter Warmers - The Faux Fur Coat

This past couple of weeks I have been drooling over all the faux fur coats that have been lining the shelves of shops. I've never owned a fur coat but I'm slowly finding more and more that I want, maybe I can make up for all those years I missed out?

2. Mink Boyfriend Faux Fur Coat - Dorothy Perkins
5. Port Faux Fur Coat - Dorothy Perkins
7. Shawl Collar Faux Fur Coat - Miss Selfridge

I think my favourite of all these coats is number 2 however I also really like number 5 as it's such a unique colour. I keep trying to persuade Ben to buy me one but funnily enough, he's not that easily persuaded. Plus, I'm trying to justify buying a fur coat in rainy England.

Do you own a fur coat? If not, what's your favoutite jacket/coat?



16 October 2014

October Birchbox

I can't believe I've only got 2 months left of my Birchbox subscription! The theme for October's box is Work It! The box aims to help you tackle your plans both within the working day and outside the office. I love the little pink bag that all the goodies came in this month, I think it's a nice change to the drawstring bags and definitely something I will get use out of again!

Cattier Pink Clay Face Mask

This face mask aims to soften skin and illuminate your complexion. Not only that but it's also pink! A face mask will cost you £4.25.

Shaveworks The Cool Fix

I've never heard of this product before and didn't even know it was something that existed! It's a cooling lotion which treats ingrown hairs, razor bumps and redness after hair removal. I always get red bumps after shaving so I'm looking forward to seeing if this can calm it down. A full size bottle will cost you £11.

Meaningful Beauty Glowing Serum

Again, I've never seen this product before. This serum enhances radiance and also has anti-ageing properties. A flu size version costs £30.95. Unless this is amazing stuff, I'm not sure I'll be investing at that price!

Birchbox Lipstick Pen

This little addition to the box is so cute. I love quirky pens and this is perfect to use to take notes on my makeup course!

Pixi By Petra Shea Butter Lip Balm

I love the packaging of this cute lip balm. It's moisturising shea formula and the slight tint makes it perfect to keep in your bag for on the go. The colour can also be built up for a slightly bolder colour. One of these will cost you £8.

KMS California Hair Play Playable Texture

I'm a sucker for a good hair product, especially at the moment as my course is covering hair. I'm always on the lookout for different styling products so am looking forward to popping this in my kit and giving it a try. It can be used on wet or dry hair which is a bonus. A full size can costs £15.50. 

I was pretty happy with all the products that I received in my Birchbox this month. I'm looking forward to the next couple of months in the hope that there will be some products ideal for the cold winter weather!

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get in your box? Or have you tried any of these products? 


13 October 2014

Delamar Week 3 - Facial Hair

Welcome back to another Delamar catch up post! I intended to get most of these up last week but once again, the week was pretty hectic so it didn't quite happen! 

Week 3 was all about facial hair. We spent pretty much the whole week making one moustache, some eyelashes and learning how to repair lace. What we weren't prepared for when starting out was that we would be knotting single hairs onto the tiniest piece of lace … cue lots of strained eyes! As tedious as it sounds, it turned out to be quite therapeutic.  

To start off we were given a piece of lace and a clump of hair. We pinned our lace onto our blocks, making sure it was nice and tight but not over stretched. We then started at the top of the moustache and worked our way down. Once the left hand side was complete, we moved onto the other side. Having knotted both sides of the moustache, I added in a few random hairs around the edges to break up the harsh lines. 

As you can see my moustache was crazy when I first trimmed it and I wasn't too sure whether I could tame it or not! However I managed to tong my moustache to give it some shape and trim some extra bits here and there! I was really pleased with the final piece! I also made a goatee to go with it, using the same technique. 

We then all applied our moustaches for a lovely group picture. I have to say it is such a weird feeling to begin with and you don't really know how to move your mouth, but we very quickly became accustomed to them. 

During the week we also had the chance to make some false lashes. It was a welcomed break from making moustaches and really interesting to learn. We started off with 2 pieces of invisible nylon attached to our block over 2 lines that were measured so the lashes would fit us. We then knotted on hair to the nylon in the same way as we did for the moustaches. Once the whole line was filled with hair, we popped a tiny amount of glue at either end to stop the hairs falling off, before trimming and curling them.

I was really pleased with my lashes, however the only downside was that I trimmed them so they were both for the same eye! What an idiot! So unfortunately I can't rock my new lashes but it was a good experience learning how to make them.

And that just about sums up facial hair week. The next post in my Delamar series will be all about our basic hair week. If you have any questions on products/techniques used then tweet me or leave a comment. 

What do you think of my moustache? Does it suit me? Have you ever tried anything like this?


8 October 2014

Delamar Week 2 - Period Makeup

Right ladies and gents, are you all ready for a laugh at some hilarious period makeup looks that we created in the second week of our course? If so ... keep reading!

First up was a look from the mid 18th century. We were taught how to block out eyebrows and the edges of the lips to help create the right look for that period. The look was a very white base, large triangluar shaped blush, red lips and dark drawn on brows. We then borrowed a wig to complete the look for the pictures. It was a very fun afternoon but I don't think it's a look many of us will be rocking on a regular basis!

Top: My lovely model Molly
Bottom: Me - makeup done by Molly and Melissa - makeup done by tutor

The next day we created looks from the 1920s and 1930s. I worked on Caroline to create my 1920s look. Again the base was quite pale (not as extreme as the mid 18th century!). Eyeshadow tended to be darker greys and much more rounded than other looks. The lips were still red but were enhanced by drawing the lipline slightly outside the natural lip shape. 


Nadira was my model in the afternoon for 1930s.The 1930s was a much more subtle eye and a time when blues and greens were coming in. I went for a subtle green shade and again lips were still red, but a slightly more toned down orangey red. The blush was much more neutral too.


Next up it was time for the 1940s and 1950s. Laya was my model for the 1940s which again was a much more neutral look as makeup was in short supply due to the war. We created a very neutral eye with taupe and brown shadows. Again red lipstick was the only colour that was widely available at this time.


In the afternoon, Caroline modeled for me again for my 1950s look. I was really excited for this look because we could finally get a bit of winged liner in there and some pink lipstick! The eyes were still quite neutral but the winged liner definitely jazzes up the eyes a bit more.  


The following day we were onto the 1960s. We had the whole day to create this look as it was much more intense. Claudia was my lovely model and this was definitely my favourite look of the week. The base was a good coverage with nice rosy cheeks. Lips were a light neutral pink with a bit of gloss over the top. However it was the eyes that were the main focus in this look. I went for a smoky grey eye with a touch of subtle blue shadow over the top. We lined the lashes and even drew some lashes on along the bottom lash line before finishing off with some gorgeous false eyelashes.


Finally we ended the week with looks from the 1970s and 1980s. The lovely Sophie was my model all day. In the morning we created a sunkissed 70s look. We were aiming for bronzed look with a glamorous neutral eye and a nude lip. I think this is definitely the most wearable of all the looks we created this week and it's perfect for the summer!


In the afternoon, it was time to go wild with colour for the 1980s look. This was a mission to create without ending up with a muddy mix of eyeshadow but I love the OTT look. The base was quite dewy and light with very angular bright blush. Eyes were obviously a big feature with the black, indigo and pink shadow with a touch of pearlescent pigment added in. I picked out the pink shadow and matched my lipstick shade up as well as using some of the pigment in the centre of the bottom lip.

  So there you have all the looks I created during period makeup week. This was such a fun week but was so intense trying to master all these looks in such a short time period (no pun intended!). Next post in my Delamar series will be all about our facial hair week. Again you'll be in for a few laughs at all of us with moustaches!

Once again if anyone has any questions about any of the looks or products used, leave me a comment or tweet me!

What do you think of the looks I created in period makeup week? Which one is your favourite?



6 October 2014

Delamar Week 1 - Basic Makeup

As you may or may not know, I recently started a course to train to become a professional makeup artist and hair stylist for TV, film and theatre. I say recently but I'm now 5 weeks in and I can't believe how fast the time is going! I promised I would take you along with me as much as possible so I'm going to whizz through weeks 1-5 this week and then I will be back on track for updating you each weekend about the previous week. 

Week 1 was all about basic makeup. Some people on the course had done a fair amount of makeup before and others had barely done any so this week was about seeing what everyone could do and trying to get us all onto a similar level.

First up - meet Melissa. Time to practice colour correction and a very simple, natural makeup.   

My next model was the lovely Claudia. Our aim for this look was a full face with a subtle day time eye. This could also be used as an idea for wedding makeup.

Finally my last pictured model of the week was Sophie. For this look we were told to experiment with colour and black shadow to create a bold evening look. I chose to pair my black shadow with purple and I love the end result!

 These faces will be popping up in more posts to come so you'll become very familiar with Melly, Claud and Soph! The next Delamar post will be all about Period Makeup week, which will guarantee you a few laughs at some of the hilarious looks we created! If you have any questions about these looks or any of the makeup used please leave me a comment or tweet me! 

What do you think of my first few makeup looks? 


5 October 2014

Review: Clinque Chubby Stick Cheek Colour Balm

I can't believe it's October and I'm still managing to keep up with my posts for the 2014 Blogger Challenge! Only 5 posts left now until the year is up! The theme for this post was a review. No specific review, just any old review. 

I recently picked up one of the new(ish) Clinique chubby sticks for cheeks at work one day as I really like cream blushers at the moment. Plus I had a little play around with the shades and they were so nice it was rude not to treat myself to one with my Boots points! I decided on the shade Robust Rhubarb which is a beautiful coral pink that goes well with most looks.  

The balms are incredibly moisturising, but their oil free formula keeps the shine at bay to give a healthy looking flush. I like that these are really blendable so you can add a subtle hint of colour, but equally can be layered up to give a nice vibrant pop of colour - see below for blended and unblended swatches.

I'm wearing this so much at the moment that I think I may have to go back and invest in another shade. For £19 I think they are a great price as you only need a tiny amount each time you use it. Considering I've worn mine quite a lot, it's barely gone down so it's going to last me ages.

Have you tried the chubby stick for cheeks? What do you think of it? 


2 October 2014

September at Hanclarky

Row 1
Row 2
Row 3

All I can say is wow, what a month September has been! My life has changed so much in the past month, I don't think I've had as many changes at one time since I went to university 4 years ago. I've started my training to be a professional makeup artist, which is a full time course and definitely more intense than university ever was! I'm knackered the whole time but absolutely loving it and I hope to give you a little peek at what I've been doing. I've also decided to resign from my job with Dior as it became too much working alongside my course in the lead up to Christmas. 

As a result, my blog has suffered and been put on the back burner. I hope to get sorted for October as I've missed bringing all you lovely readers regular posts. Now I have a little bit more time due to not working I intend to be good and sort my posts out a little further in advance. But a massive thank you to all those who have stuck by me during this little absent period!

What did you think of September at Hanclarky? Which was your favourite post?