7 September 2014

Haircare Review: Coconut Oil

If you've been reading my blog for a while now, you'll know that I love finding new haircare products to tame frizz and encourage growth. I was recently recommended coconut oil by a colleague at work who uses it and absolutely loves it. I went out that lunch time and bought myself some. I bought mine from a health food shop as it was much cheaper than buying a coconut oil haircare product. I managed to get 2 of these huge jars for just over £10 - admittedly I really don't need 2 but they were by one get one free! 

The coconut oil is a solid white substance that doesn't look all too appealing to smother over your hair. However, once heated between hands it melts into an oil and is the perfect consistency for running through your hair. I have to admit it's a pretty grim feeling as you look like you haven't washed your hair for about 2 weeks or you've had an argument with a deep fat frier! 

I tend to leave the oil on for about 20 minutes before washing my hair as I find this is a sufficient amount of time and not too inconvenient either. I have tried leaving it on overnight but it was an absolute pain to wash out. After using this my hair is definitely so much softer than it was before and I love that it's a completely natural product rather than something with millions of ingredients that claims to do x, y and z. 

I use this about once a week or maybe slightly less as I find it maintains softness quite well in-between normal washes. My hair feels a lot healthier from using this, it also seems to be breaking less and I'm certainly not getting as much fallout as I used to. I would definitely recommend trying this as a natural alternative to some of the more expensive branded haircare. 

Have you ever used coconut oil? What do you think of it?



  1. I use coconut oil, and love it. I do a kind of treatment weekly like you do and find it makes a difference to my hair. I have also been trying to control my frizz. I find that if I brush my hair only after i wash my hair and start drying it using only my hands, it helps reduce the amount of frizz that comes after drying my hair. After I dry my hair I've been using a teeny tiny bit of coconut oil as a serum, that way I have it repairing my hair for a few days and it controls any frizz. x


    1. Ooh thanks for sharing your tips, definitely going to try using a tiny bit as a serum as my anti-frizz oil has nearly run out so that will save me some money! X


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