9 September 2014

Dior Allocation

In July, I was finally able to get my hands on my Dior allocation. We get £200 worth of product (discounted) and can choose whatever we like from fragrance, skincare and makeup. I'm not bragging in any way, I just know some of you like product recommendations and these are all favourites of mine!

I wasn't too sure what to go for as there were so many bits and pieces I wanted to try. I'm really pleased with all the bits I chose, however there are definitely some other bits I've got my eye on for next time!

I chose:

Miss Dior EDP 30ml
I absolutely love this perfume and am always wearing it on counter. I don't really need anymore perfume but I thought I would treat myself to a small bottle!

Diorshow Maximiser Lash Plumping Serum
I love this lash primer and now I've started using it, I'm addicted. If I don't use this before my mascara then I'm never happy with how my lashes turn out. It's a definite must have of mine! I posted about it here.

Diorshow Blackout Mascara
This mascara has a bristle wand which I'm usually not a fan of, however I tried this on counter one day as I fancied a change and absolutely love the bold look it gives. This isn't necessarily a mascara I would wear on a daily basis but I love having one that is great for evenings.

Airflash Spray Foundation
As soon as I mention to customers about our spray foundation they usually poo-poo it and say it freaks them out. Well ladies (and gents if you like a bit of foundation) you do not know what you're missing out on. This has become my favourite foundation. It's so quick easy to apply and you can layer it as much or as little as you want dependent on the coverage you like. It's staying power is also amazing. 

Hydra Life Close-Up Pore Reducing Moisturiser
This is a relatively new product as it was only launched a couple of months ago. I'm always on the look out for anything to reduce the appearance of pores as I have quite large ones around my nose and on my cheeks. This moisturiser is so lightweight and blurs the appearance of pores perfectly without feeling like your clogging your skin up. A definite thumbs up from me!

Capture Totale Dream Skin
This is by far one of my favourite Dior products. If you haven't tried this, head to your local Dior counter and ask for a sample. This stuff is amazing! It's an anti ageing product which deals with fine lines, wrinkles and pores but it also helps with reducing the appearance of redness, darkness and blemishes as well as giving radiance. I use this as a primer substitute, however you can use it as a primer and moisturiser in one.

Fluid Stick in 373 Rieuse
Fluid Stick in 869 Vie D'Enfer
These bad boys are relatively new to Dior too and are amazing. They have the high impact colour of a lipstick but the shine of a gloss, without being sticky. These are one of my favourite lip products and my colour collection is slowly growing … oops!

Rouge Dior Lipstick in 277 Rose Déclamation
Rouge Dior are my favourite Dior lipsticks. They are so moisturising and the colour lasts for hours. I was so stuck with what colour to go for but I figured I would get a shade that I don't have anything similar to (well … not quite). 

Diorshow Mono Eyeshadow in 760 Tweed
I don't tend to wear single eyeshadows, it's all a bit 90s! I much prefer using 2 or 3 shades but this colour was just too beaut to pass up. I also love the mono shades as they can be used both wet and dry so you can create a lovely smokey eye with just this shade but starting off using it dry and graduating it into a bolder colour (used wet). 

Top-Bottom: Mono Eyeshadow 760, Rouge Dior 277, Fluid Stick 373 & Fluid Stick 869

What do you think of the bits I chose for my allocation? Have you tried any of these products? If so, which ones? Would you like to see any of these items reviewed?



  1. I love the idea of the spray foundation! I'll have to come in to have a look when I'm next at a loose end in Kingston!


    1. It's so nice, you should definitely try it out! Yesss come and see me on counter! X


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