20 September 2014

10 Step Ombré Nail Art Tutorial

Ahhh I'm so so sorry for being so rubbish on the blog this week. People will say I shouldn't apologise as it's my blog but I hate not bringing all you lovely readers new content regularly!

Anyway enough of my ranting and on with the post. As part of the 2014 Blogger Challege, this weeks post was to be a tutorial about anything. I decided to do a nail art tutorial as I haven't managed to play around with nail varnish in a long time due to having gel nails! But now they're off and I'm too poor to get them redone, I thought I would experiment a bit more. 

I know ombré nails have been around for ages now but I'm hoping this super easy, speedy way to create the effect will help you out! 

What you will need: 
★ Two contrasting nail colours
★ A piece of foil
★ An old sponge eyeshadow applicator - you know the rubbish ones you get free in palettes that are absolutely no use for applying eyeshadow.
★ Top coat or clear polish (pictured below)
★ Cotton bud & nail varnish remover (not pictured)

Step 1 - Paint nails with lighter colour. I used 2 coats so I got a nice bold colour.

Step 2 - STOP! Wait for these to dry before continuing. 

Step 3 - Dab a small amount of each colour onto the tin foil, making sure they don't mix.

Step 4 - Take your eyeshadow applicator and dip into the darker colour, start patting it over the end of your nail and work down about halfway. Keep patting it until it fades slightly in centre - don't worry if the sponge leaves the finish slightly bumpy or if the nail varnish is all around your fingers.

Step 5 - Dip the other side of the sponge applicator into the lighter colour and go over the centre of the nail where the darker shade ends. This will create a more subtle transition. 

Step 6 - Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you are happy with the transition between the two shades.

Step 7 - STOP! Allow these to dry before continuing.

Step 8 - Paint nails with a top coat or clear varnish to ensure longer lasting wear.

Step 9 - STOP! Let the top coat dry before continuing.

Step 10 - Take a cotton bud and some nail varnish remover and tidy round the edges of your nails.

And VIOLÀ! Beautiful ombré nails in 10 easy steps. 

What do you think of my nail art tutorial? Was it easy to follow? Do you have a different way of creating this effect? 



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