8 August 2014

Review: Clarins Cleansing Milk

Admittedly I'm going to review this product but just before we start I'm going to warn you that you NEED to buy this cleanser!

I picked this up a good few months ago now when I did a hugeeee shop at Boots - see haul post here. At the time Clarins were on points so I decided to give this a try as I wanted a couple of other bits too. Usually I use Simple cleanser so to step up and spend about £16 extra on this, I was going to make it last. I didn't use it straight away and still use my Simple cleanser some days.

I love the packaging of Clarins products because they're simple, yet effective with the red writing. I like the top/lid of this as I find it lets the product out at the right pace rather than it flying everywhere if you squeeze too hard. 

I tend to double cleanse so I use a cleansing water to take the majority of my makeup off and then I like to use a cleansing milk to remove any excess and make sure my face is clean. I also like using this after a cleansing water because the smell is amazing! It's packed full of alpine herbs and other plant extracts so leaves my face smelling and feeling fab!

For £19 this isn't something that I would buy on a regular basis however it does last quite a while! I'm definitely going to continue to treat myself to it as it's just so damn good!

Have you tried this Clarins cleansing milk? Do you like it? What are your other favourite products from Clarins?



  1. I used some of my step mums of this and I love the smell but I didn't find it that great as a cleanser on it's own, but I can imagine it would be good as a secondary cleanse actually as it's really soothing.

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. It smells so lush! I always double cleanse because I find you use so much cream cleanser to remove makeup! X


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