14 July 2014

Review: GHD Eclipse

Hello lovely readers. I'm sorry I've been absent from the blog for a few days but I hope you've all been entering my giveaway! I'm back and bringing you a review of the latest GHDs to be released, the Eclipse styler. 

I took the plunge and bought these after my GHDs suddenly stopped working for no reason! I sent them off to be looked at and they offered to repair them for £60 but they were so old I thought it wasn't worth it and so invested in these instead! These retail at £190, however have been on offer for £145 since they were released. They sell them where I work so I managed to get mine for about £125-£130 as I used my staff discount!

I have been loving these since I bought them a couple of months ago and find I can straighten my hair so much quicker! The heat up time is much less than with the classic styler which is perfect for when you're in a rush (usually me when I'm on the early at work). GHD do state that these are faster and use less heat - who could say no to that?!? The styler itself is a little chunkier than the classic GHDs so it does take some getting used to, but given all the amazing technology involved in the Eclipse styler its a small price to pay! To find out more about the fancy technology, head over the the GHD website where they explain it much better than I will. 

The outside of these stay a lot cooler than the classic GHDs which is perfect for applying a bit of extra pressure when straightening. This is definitely a plus for me because the styler itself doesn't clamp as tight as the classic one so I find sometimes I need that extra pressure to help straighten my hair quicker. I'm undecided whether the styler not clamping together as tight is a good or bad thing! To start with it was an odd sensation because you don't feel like your hair is straightening but actually it means your hair doesn't snag as much. I also really like these straighteners for curling hair too. I've never been able to grasp the concept of curling with straighteners and whenever I've tried its never worked, however with these I've finally been able to just about do it!

The Eclipse styler also comes with this black rubber cap that is perfect for holding your straighteners together when storing them and travelling with them. I don't tend to keep this on my straighteners as I use them on a daily basis, however when packing these to go away for the weekend and on holiday, it's been perfect for saving space! 

Personally I cannot fault these at all. I love GHDs and think they're all really good, however would recommend these on the basis that they're much faster and hopefully don't damage your hair quite as much! I'm pleased I spent a little extra and bought these as they're definitely more robust and more efficient!

Have you tried the GHD Eclipse? What do you think of them? Or what hair stylers do you use?



  1. I want some GHD's. I love my straighteners but you can't get better than GHD in my opinion!

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. They are so good! I would always recommend GHDs over any other brand! X

  2. I love GHD's, definitely the best straightners.

    1. I second that! Wouldn't have it any other way! X

  3. I love my GHD Eclipse! I won mine in a Company magazine twitter comp last year and honestly I'd never go back to regular straighteners!

    Peach Pow XO

    1. Oh wow congratulations! That is such an amazing prize, so lucky! I wouldn't either, so so good! X


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