26 July 2014

Quote of the Day #8

So this wasn't my scheduled post for today, however my dog has been taken ill and I didn't really fancy blogging. He is 10 and has always had health problems, however in the last couple of years has been taken ill twice with pancreatitis. We know the signs now - panting, funny breathing and howling to name a few. It's horrible. So this week when he started howling at 2am one morning, we knew that was the beginning of a downward spiral. 

He is ok. As I type he is dosed up on anti-sickness drugs, painkillers and antibiotics and is going back to the vet in the morning to potentially be kept in. I hate seeing him in pain, knowing there is nothing I can do to help him other than keep him as comfortable as possible. But I can't help thinking about terrible things. I happened to find this quote this evening and it made me smile.

I apologise for a random rambling post but I had to share it somehow.



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