3 July 2014

Quote of the Day #7

Yesterday I went up to London with my dad for his birthday. We didn't really have a plan but just intended to wander from Waterloo and maybe have a mooch in the Tate Modern.  With my anxiety, I find I have a mental block on going to London and getting the train. I'm not sure why but if I can avoid it I will and just say 'oh I can't do that'. But this quote is so true. I can do it. I can get on a train and go to London without dying from anxiety and I know that even if I do panic, it will only be short-lived. However, it's definitely more a case of I won't do it because 'what if?'. 

I survived and once I was in London I was absolutely fine and we had a lovely day. This proves I shouldn't put a limit on what I will do, because realistically I can do these things and I just need to have more faith in myself. 

Are there any times you won't do something out of fear when actually you could do it and you would be alright?


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