19 June 2014

The Best Menu Ever

Welcome to Topic 12 of the 2014 Blogger Challenge! The theme this time was meals. This could be anything from a weekly meal plan, a recipe or even just a post about you're favourite meal. I couldn't decide what to post about and was going to settle for a recipe when I came across a menu that is very special so I thought I would share. 

In 2012 for Valentines Day, Ben decided he was going to cook me a 3 course meal from scratch! He is a really good cook and rather than just deciding what to cook he sent me a full on menu to choose from and it was so special I wanted to share that menu with you along with the choices I made! Please excuse the really young photo, but this was included on the menu so I had to share it with you guys!



Breaded garlic mushrooms - mushrooms in garlic that have been breaded, with a cheeky dipping sauce

Garlic prawns  - prawns in garlic that have been breaded, with an even cheekier dipping sauce

Smoked salmon potato cakes - potato cakes topped with the best Scottish smoked salmon

Goats cheese bruschetta  - melted goats cheese on top of the frenchest french bread with a small side salad

Tomato and mozzarella tart - a puff pastry tart filled with tomato and mozzarella

Grilled halloumi salad or bruschetta - a salad or bruschetta topped with some grilled halloumi with a squeeze of lime and chilli (optional)

Pot noodle soup - a light chicken noodle soup


Roast chicken with chorizo and baby new potatoes -  Chicken breast roasted with chorizo sausage and baby potatoes

West country chicken - Chicken roasted in a cider sauce served with creamy mash

Chicken mozzarella and parma ham - chicken topped with mozzarella cheese and Parma ham served with new potatoes

Steak Salad/chips

Seafood Pasta - re-creation of the delicious seafood pasta from the Italian place we go to

Chicken and noodles in oyster sauce - a variation on chicken chow main, some chicken some noodles you know what I'm saying  

Cider baked Gammon - Gammon in a cider glaze baked and served with creamy mash and veg

Beef casserole -  slow cooked beef casserole served with creamy mash

Fish pie  - warm, comforting and delicious fish pie

Toad in the hole - sausages in a Yorkshire pudding batter served with creamy mash and gravy


Mocha Pots de Crème - a rich chocolate pudding

Hot chocolate fudge pudding - a hot chocolate pudding with a fudge sauce topping

Fruit jelly with berries - jelly served in a wine glass with berries

Hot chocolate profiteroles - profiteroles with a chocolate sauce

Valentine strawberries & cream shortbread - heart shaped shortbreads filled with strawberries and cream

I was so impressed with what was on offer and it took me ages to decide as it all looked so scrummy! In the end I settled for the garlic prawns, cider baked gammon and hot chocolate profiteroles. Sorry about the shoddy iPhone photos!

All of this was made completely from scratch and I was so impressed with the profiteroles as Ben had never made them before! Think we know who the cook in our relationship is! 

This was definitely one of the best Valentines days ever and it was such a sentimental thing to do. I even have the original menu saved on my computer. It just shows you don't have to go all out to be romantic and spend some quality time together (soppy alert!). 

So there you have it, my all time favourite menu. Don't be shy, feel free to steal some of Ben's ideas, I'm sure he won't mind!

What do you think of this menu? What would you have chosen for each course?



  1. Ohh all looks so yum!! I love garlic prawns - you've got a good cook there :) x

    Jasmin Charlotte

    1. Mmm they were so good! Yeah he is definitely a keeper! X


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