23 June 2014

Review: La Roche-Posay Rosaliac CC Creme

I'm sure this is a brand very well known by many of you as it seems to have really taken off in the last year or so on the blogosphere and everyone has been recommending it! The most popular product range from La Roche-Posay is the Effaclar range which has been round the block more times than I can count. I've not tried any products from the Effaclar range, it was the Rosaliac range that caught my eye. 

For a long time now I've had very rosy cheeks and placed neatly in-between a Rudolph nose. My redness is one of the things I hate most because it can be so hard to cover up at times. I decided to try the Rosaliac CC Creme because I was after a CC cream to colour correct but was impressed with this one as it gives a good amount of coverage. 

I love La Roche-Posay's packaging as it's all so clean and very similar. The CC Creme comes with a pump top which I much prefer to a top that you have to screw off. The nozzle is fairly small and the cream is quite thick but you only need a tiny pump to cover your face. I was worried that being a thicker formula, it wouldn't blend as well but because it's so creamy it goes on so easily. You can see from the swatch below what the consistency and shade is like. 

Unfortunately this CC Creme only comes in one shade so I was dubious that it would match my pale skin. However I was pleasantly surprised to find it was only slightly too dark which is fine by me as I'm used to foundations not being pale enough! I've used this quite a lot recently and have found that as well as using it on it's own instead of a foundation, it's also ideal for using as a concealer. I've used it more as a concealer and just concentrated it on the areas of my face where I suffer from redness the most. 

This 50ml bottle cost £19.50, which I think is fairly good value when you consider the price of most high end skincare and foundations. As I bought it from Boots I also got discount so every little helps! This bottle is definitely going to last me ages given you need the smallest amount so that definitely justifies the price a bit more!

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who is looking for something to help out with their redness. It's definitely been a life saver for me on those days where my redness just wants to show through any concealer and foundation I choose to wear! 

Do you like La Roche-Posay products? Have you tried this CC Creme? What other products do you recommend?


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