17 June 2014

New Look Holiday Haul

As you're reading this, I will be in a mad panic to finish off the last bits of my packing before making my way to the airport to jet off on holiday! I am so excited to go away for a week to get some sun and relax. I'm off to Lanzarote with mumma Clark as she stepped in as Ben couldn't get the time off work at his new job! 

Anyway, I bought these bits over several visits to New Look with no intention of taking them all on holiday… however they have all made it into my pile for packing! I just needed to stock up on a few basic tees for the summer and a few other bits caught my eye.

I absolutely love both of these and really seem to be into my floral patterns this year. All 4 pairs of shorts I'm taking are floral and even 2 of my 3 pairs of loose fitting trousers are floral! Definitely going to be overloading the florals this holiday!

I wanted to go for quite simple tops so that they would go with anything and especially as I have lots of patterned bottoms. I didn't want to buy too many patterned tops and then having nothing to wear them with. A couple of these were also repurchases, such as the black and white button front swing vests as I had these last year but I've worn them so much they're a bit tatty now!

Once I've been away I will hopefully do a holiday look-book style post of what outfits I wore on holiday so keep your eyes peeled for that!

What do you think of the bits I picked up? Do you own any of these items? Have you got any holidays booked?



  1. Love the shorts and the skort! Gorgeous. So jel of your holiday, I hope you have a wonderful time! :)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

    1. They're lovely! And so comfy! Aw thank you :) so far it's been amazing! X

  2. Wow love all of it! Especially the shorts! Hope you have an amazing holiday! x

    1. They have some really good stuff in at the moment! Aw thank you :) x

  3. Loving those shorts! So cute! The skort is gorgeous too! x

    1. It's lovely! I can't wait to wear the skort! Will definitely be posting some holiday outfits when I'm back! X


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