29 May 2014

Review: Monu Professional Skincare Recovery Balm

I recently tweeted Monu Skincare after stumbling across their site one day, to find out if they work with bloggers. They have a lovely range of products and none of their formulations contain any chemicals or nasties and they don't test on animals. Anyway a few emails later and they asked for my address to send me something to try. And voila … 

The product I received was their Soothing Touch Recovery Balm*. I was expecting a small sample size tube, but no, this is a full size product, worth £22.50! I'm really impressed because it has meant I can use it for a good couple of weeks before reviewing it rather than only getting a few days worth out of a sample. I think the price is very reasonable as a little certainly goes quite a long way so this will last you a good few months. I love the packaging as it's so simple yet so satisfying as it gives a fresh and clean feeling before you've even used the product!

The Recovery Balm is suitable for all skin types which is always a bonus, and in particular, sensitive and stressed skin. I've always had sensitive skin and I'm definitely slightly stressed at the moment so this couldn't have arrived at a better time! The balm aims to provide relief, reduce redness, relieve irritations and thoroughly hydrate the skin (see above picture for more information). The balm also contains Soft Rose and Bergamot, which are essential oils for calming senses and may I say smell amazing!

The balm itself is a lovely consistency as it's not too thick and gloopy but equally not thin and watery. Monu recommend to apply this morning and evening after cleansing and toning. For the first few days I only used it in the morning, however I am now using it both morning and night. My skin is feeling so refreshed and hydrated and even my redness has reduce slightly - a massive plus! I can tell this is really helping my skin because any dry patches that I was getting before using this have completely disappeared and haven't returned. I've also found it reduces any blemishes and little spots much quicker than usual. My mum has stolen it a couple of times and she is loving it too! 

I think that is everything covered that I wanted to tell you about but I would 100% recommend Monu Skincare and this product and can't wait to try some more of their products! You can buy the Recovery Balm here

Have you tried anything from Monu? If so, what products would you recommend?



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