31 May 2014

Cake Club #6

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and enjoying the slightly better weather! Once again the time has come, to share with you all the antics from cake club! If you don't know what cake club is, you can read my original post here. You can also catch up on Cake Club #2Cake Club #3Cake Club #4 and Cake Club #5

The theme this month was a 2 coloured cake. This could be just 2 colours or multicoloured. I was expecting there to be a lot of multicoloured cakes and for there to be more than one the same. However once again we all excelled ourselves in baking completely different cakes! I made rainbow cookies and as well as the finished product, I'm also going to add in a couple of pictures whilst I was making them so you get the idea of how they were formed.

I started out by separating my cookie mix into 6 and colouring. I then divided each colour into 20 balls. I used purple, green, yellow, pink, orange and blue. To make each cookie I added one of each colour ball together and rolled into a sausage shape, then twirl these round to create a cookie shape. I then decided to add sprinkles to the edge of my cookies. And then baked them for about 12 minutes. I was surprised how good they turned out and they're so bright inside!

My mum made a similar coloured cake. She made a sponge loaf that was marbled with the same 6 colours. On the outside it looked quite murky but how amazing is it inside! It almost makes your eyes go funny if you stare at it for too long!

This was an amazing Cheesecake made by my friends mum. Considering she left a couple of ingredients out by accident, it actually tasted really good. And the fluorescent colours inside are amazing, you would never know from looking at it on the outside!

And here are the other cakes…

Almond sponge cake which was purple ombre inside! 
Sponge cake with multicoloured flowers.
Strawberry sponge cake.
Lemon drizzle cake which was green inside!
Chocolate orange muffins. 

All of the cakes were so different but all very tasty! The next theme is a cake within a cake. I have no idea where to start with this theme so if any of you have any ideas then please leave me a comment and let me know!

What do you think of my rainbow cookies and all the other cakes? 



  1. Wow these look amazing. I wish I was part of a cake club!


    1. You should definitely create your own cake club, it's so much fun! X


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