12 April 2014

Review: Nivea In-Shower Body Moisturiser

I hope you're all having a lovely weekend and for those of you who have to work, I feel your pain as I'm working all weekend too! If you're not working then enjoy your time off and have a peek at my latest posts! 

I have no idea how I've never seen this before! I thought it was new but it appears that it's actually been around for quite a lot longer than I thought! I bought this about a month ago (see it in my Boots Haul) after a colleague at work had bought it to try. It's perfect for me because I'm one of those people that always forgets to moisturise and to be honest it's too much hassle most of the time! Plus I detest sticky moisturisers that take ages to soak in! 

I've used this most times I've showered - again I sometimes even forget in the shower, but I've definitely noticed a difference to my skin. It feels so much softer than it was before and any patches of dry skin that I was occasionally getting have completely disappeared (apart from eczema related dryness). Although it hasn't cleared my eczema up at all, which I wouldn't expect it to, one big bonus is that it doesn't make my eczema worse like many moisturisers do. 

When I started using it I was quite generous with how much I used and found that when out of the shower and dry, my skin did feel slightly clammy. I wouldn't say it was sticky because it wasn't at all but I could definitely tell I had moisturised. Over time I've used less as I decided I was using far too much to start with and the clammy feeling after showering has completely gone. So I would definitely recommend to use sparingly if you don't like feeling sticky/clammy! 

All in all I absolutely love this product and I'm definitely going to be re-purchasing this for a long time! It's even more appealing as it only costs £2.37 for 250ml or £3.40 for 400ml! What a bargain! It also comes in 3 other types, a normal skin one, a pampering honey one and a nourishing cocoa one. I think I might have to go and have a smell of the others to see what they're like and maybe try them! The one I have which is for dry skin has a slight scent but it's fairly neutral and not at all overpowering! 

Have you tried this product? What did you think of it? Or has this just solved all your moisturising problems?



  1. This looks like a great Nivea product I have really dry skin and this looks like it could solve the issue Lucy

    1. I would definitely recommend it if you have dry skin! It's really helped with mine! X

  2. I love this, it's so nice to not have to moisturise after a shower when you're in a rush. It's perfect for fake tanners as well!
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