18 April 2014

Dior Self-Tanning Oil

Happy Easter weekend to all you lovely people! I was a right doughnut yesterday and completely forgot to press publish on my post so apologies for it being a day late! 

I'm not a massive fan of fake tanning purely because I'm so pasty. It's hard to find a light shade that gives me a tan without looking orange. And I certainly wouldn't dare using any facial tanning products because there's no way you can easily cover up a streaky orange face! However whilst cleaning the skincare counter at work, I was having a look at all the tanning products we (Dior) do. I came across this face and body natural glow self tanning oil, which instead of being one colour e.g. light or medium, anyone can use it as it adjusts to the pH levels of your skin to create a natural tan. 

I tried it on one arm to see what it was like. At first it didn't add much colour it just made my arm appear smoother and smell amazing. It's also very hard to tell in artificial light but over the next couple of hours I noticed it was slightly darker than my other arm. The next day I woke up and you could definitely see a difference but it was a lovely natural looking tan! Just very wonky as I only had one tanned arm and the rest of me was as pasty as usual! 

I decided to buy it and give it a go all over as I was really impressed that it gave a nice subtle tan that wasn't orange or streaky. It was £29.50 which for a Dior product I don't think is too bad and well worth the money if it means I'm not going to go from Casper the ghost to an Oompa-Loompa look-alike! I've taken photos of it's development - but please excuse the pasty picture on the left (and my wonky knees)!

L-R: Before, 1 Hour After, The Next Morning

As you can see from the pictures I'm naturally very pale. I always find it hard to get a good natural tan on my legs as they never seem to want to tan and either stay white or burn! The middle photo is about an hour after so you can see that there is a difference in a short space of time and then the third picture shows the development the morning after (I applied it the night before). I absolutely love the colour it gives me and because it's so nice on my body, I've started using it on my face too. 

I absolutely love this product and am so pleased to have finally found a tanning solution that is orange/streak free! Dior claim the tan should last about 4 days before topping up is needed however I've not topped mine up in about a week and it's about the same shade as it was an hour after applying. However if you wanted to build your tan up, you could apply more often than every 4 days. My only piece of advice would be to rub this in with your hands. I've tried it both with my hands and a tanning mitt but found the mitt soaked up more of the product and left it patchy where I had sprayed it on. When I used my hands I managed to create a perfect even coverage and the colour was much better. Just remember to wash your hands after as I completely forgot! Although they weren't horrific compared to some of the tanning sights I've seen!

Have you tried this tanning product? What do you think of it? Or what is your favourite tanning product?



  1. These pictures are so useful, you get a really good idea of how the product works. This looks like a great fake tan! It looks so natural, and not orange at all! I followed you :)


    1. It's really lovely! I think it's always useful to see how these things develop on other people! Aw thanks lovely! X

  2. I'm extremely pale too so looking for a perfect tan is a pretty difficult job !! I love the sun kissed natural look this one gave you !! Looking great dolly x
    Cait | http://copycattt.blogspot.ie/

    1. If you're pale too then I would definitely recommend this! I can't believe how nice the colour is! X

  3. All the things in the blog are conveyed so elegantly.


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