4 April 2014

A Week (Or Two) In Pictures

Welcome to topic 7 of the 2014 Blogger Challenge. The theme for this post was a day/week in pictures. I've never done one of these posts before but have always wanted to give it a go. I usually find that I never have enough pictures or they are very boring! So I've made an effort in the last couple of weeks to take more photos! 

Row 1
A yummy carrot cake cupcake made by my manager's mum.
A face of the day photo - I absolutely love the look I created!
My mum's carrot cake (yes I've eaten a lot of carrot cake recently!)
My no makeup selfie - hello red face!

Row 2
I rediscovered my pink sequin heels! I think these have to be my all time favourite shoes!
This is not what you think it is! I am NOT pregnant! This is how bloated I get if I eat wheat or something I shouldn't - definitely taking food baby to a new level! 
My new ring, which I bought because my birthstone is Turquoise.
One of the amazing decorations in the entrance to the Ideal Home Show (Haul to come!)

Row 3
The burger my friend had at the Idea Home Show - it was so beastly!
My new hair piece that I bought at the Ideal Home Show (post to follow).
My latest gel colour.
Chocolate honeycomb cheesecake - the best cheesecake ever!

Row 4
Ben had a drunken accident and now has a beautiful bruised and swollen ankle which he isn't allowed to weight-bear on!
My cute new t-shirt from Primark with Westie's all over it!
Pudding after a lovely meal at Pizza Express with daddy Clark - tea and a mini chocolate brownie (which was so yummy!)
Silly selfie, whilst having cuddles with my dog Fred.

I'm actually quite impressed that I managed to take this many photos in the last couple of weeks! Although I certainly don't think I could keep this up every week. Maybe I could do a month of photos rather than a post each week.

What do you think of my week (or two) in pictures? Do you think I should do this sort of post more often?



  1. Looks like a good week. I love the selfie with Fred!

  2. chocolate honeycomb cheesecake?! sounds soooooo gooood!!


    1. It's amazing! And surprisingly not too sickly! X

  3. I'm enjoying this topic, I had never done a week in pictures post. It's really convenient when you have a writer's block. Loved your post!

    1. I really enjoyed it too! I'm tempted to start it up as a weekly or monthly thing because I enjoyed it so much! Aw thank you :) x


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