17 March 2014

Dinner Date - Wagamama

Welcome to topic 6 of the 2014 Blogger Challenge. The theme for this post was Food. I wasn't sure what to post about but then I went out for dinner and decided that's what I would blog about. Ben, my boyfriend has decided he wants to be known on my blog as Ben, not as the boyf or boyfriend etc. So Ben came to visit and we decided to go for dinner. Ben has never been to Wagamama so I decided this had to change! 

Date night selfie 

So having decided this is what I would post about, I promptly forgot to take photos of our starter! I think we were so hungry that we just dug in without even thinking! 

Pictures from Wagamama website. L-R: Chilli Squid, Duck Gyoza and Tori Kara Age (deep fried chicken). 

Now I'm very boring when it comes to main meals in Wagamama because I always go for a Chicken Ramen! I just love how simple it is yet so tasty too!

Now, Wagamama is Ben's type of food. He loved the look of so many things on the menu so it took a while for him to decide. And in the end I think I made the decision for him because he was so torn! He went for their new Duck Ramen, which I have to say I was very tempted with!

And of course I had to take a picture of me stealing Ben's Wagamama virginity! He was very impressed with the food and enjoyed it even more as I was paying! It's definitely going to become one of his favourites and no doubt we will have to go back so he can try all the other yummy dishes on the menu!

What do you think of Wagamama? What's your favourite dish? Or are you like Ben and have never been?



  1. The starters look yummy. I've had the Duck Gyoza before, it's delicious! I find that the starters at Wagamama are much tastier than the mains.


    1. Mmm it's so good! Yeah they definitely have a much better variety for starters! X

  2. I love the Chilli Squid for starters and I always go for the Pad Thai for my main. I've not been to Wagamamas for a while now & seeing your photos has made me crave one :)! Thanks for sharing xx


    1. Yeah the chilli squid were my favourite out of the 3 starters! Ooh I've never tried the pad thai, might have to check it out next time I go as something different! Haha apologies for setting off your cravings! X

  3. my ex bf took me to wagamama for the first time (he was paying :P) but it still didn't work on my tastebuds. i dont like it =/ probably my least favourite place to eat in the uk. i'd rather have kfc with the weird beans sauce XD


    1. I guess everyone is different! But at least you didn't pay for it! X


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