31 March 2014

The Body Shop Haul

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you'll know I'm a complete sucker for deals at The Body Shop. Recently they had a mothers day promotion to get 40% off and could I resist? No. In fairness I did buy my mum some hand cream but the rest is for me! 

I already own the Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream and it featured in my February Favourites. I love this moisturiser so much, I thought I would stock up on another one ready for when my current one runs out. Sticking with the Vitamin E range, I spotted this Eye Cream. Now I don't usually use an eye cream but I feel that I should start introducing one into my routine so decided to give this one a go as I love the rest of the Vitamin E range.

I'm not a big fan of packet face masks as I find them so messy and hard to get off! I own the Vitamin E Moisture Mask and absolutely love it, so decided to try out the Aloe Protective Restoring Mask. Many of the comments and reviews claimed that it was good for calming down redness so I'm hoping this is true! Whilst I was looking at the Aloe range I came across the Aloe Protective Serum. Again serum is something that I don't always use. Having started work at Dior I absolutely love their serums, however they are far too expensive for me at the moment, so I thought I would try this one as a cheaper alternative. 

Finally I spotted the Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter. It was a bargain at £3 and I'm hoping it will tame my frizz and nourish my hair. I've never tried anything like this before so I'll definitely be letting you know how I get on with it! If you've tried it let me know in the comments!

I'm really looking forward to trying all these products and if you would like to see any reviews of any of these products then let me know!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them?


27 March 2014

Holiday Goodies

Recently, my mum went on holiday to Austria for a few days with her friends. I had asked her to pick me up one of the new Marc Jacobs perfumes but she also picked me up a couple of other goodies so I thought I would share them with you!

Originally I had asked for the Daisy Delight version rather than this one which is the Eau So Fresh. However having smelt them both they are so similar it's almost hard to tell the difference and the good thing about this one is it comes in the 75ml size rather than a 50ml like the other one. I absolutely love the bottle and like other Marc Jacobs perfumes it fits in with the flamboyant theme perfectly! This is definitely going to be my go-to fragrance this spring/summer as it's so light and fresh. 

L-R: 310 Red My Lips, 320 Kiss Kiss Hibiscus & 030 Ginger & Fred

These were a totally unexpected present but as my mum knows a girl can never have enough lipsticks! These are the Ultimate Colour Lipsticks by Catrice. I had never heard of the brand Catrice before but I'm very impressed with them so far! My mum didn't have a clue what shades to go for so she went for 3 different shades in the hope that I didn't have anything the same. She actually did a pretty good job considering how many lipsticks I have as all of these are very wearable and are all slightly different to shades I have!

Finally, who can ever come home from holiday without some form of chocolate/sweets/food!?! Admittedly it's not my birthday but she liked the design of it and I'm sure it'll be tasty too! I also received a shot glass, which I sort of knew I might get because I collect shot glasses so every time someone goes on holiday I ask them to bring a shot glass back for me if they happen to come across somewhere selling them! 

So those are the holiday goodies I received. I love them all and am so grateful to have received anything at all! I'm really intrigued to know more about the brand Catrice so if any of you have ever tried any of their other products then let me know in the comments!

What do you think of these goodies? Have you ever been to Austria? Or collect anything when you go abroad?


25 March 2014

Quote of the Day #6

Well we all know I love a good quote. Once again I was having a mooch on Pinterest when I came across this quote. I can't believe how well this quote sums up life, and not just my life but life in general. It's only now that I've finally figured out what sort of direction I want to go in with my career that this quote really means something because I know it's not going to be easy but I also know it will definitely be worth it. And I now feel confident enough to grab opportunities when they arise and let change happen rather than be afraid of it.

I don't think much more needs to be said about this quote as it sums things up better than I can, we just need to remember it and make sure we all take all the chances we can because in the end it will be worth it!

What do you think of this quote? Do you think this is a good one to remember? 


23 March 2014

Review: Benefit's Lollitint

I'm a fan of Benefit but I've never tried any of their cheek and lip tints. I decided this had to change and after much deliberation over which shade to go for, I eventually bought Lollitint. I chose this one because it's not a shade I would usually go for as I tend to steer away from any makeup that is barbie pink coloured. However I think this may have changed my mind on the whole barbie pink look!

I absolutely love the packaging. It's so cute, yet so easy to carry around too! I love the bright pink and white combination and it's very clear to tell that it's a Benefit product! Having never used one of their tints before I wasn't sure what to expect on the application side of things. However having a brush like a nail varnish is actually really handy to dot the product onto your cheeks before blending with a brush! I've still not mastered the best way to apply to lips and every time I have so far, I've done it differently. Although I'm definitely not a fan of using the brush included. 

The colour payoff is really good and I like the fact that it's buildable so you can use a tiny amount for a subtle flush or build it up for a more vibrant pop of colour. Although like many others have warned about this product, you do have to work relatively quickly as it does stain. 

I absolutely love the colour this gives to my cheeks as although it's bright it actually gives my pale skin quite a natural flush. I'm never going to build this product up too much as bright pink cheeks with my pale skin is definitely not a good look! I love that it's not a sticky product too and it doesn't leave my skin at all tacky. 

I also love the colour on my lips. However I'm not sure I would wear this on my lips and my cheeks at the same time as I think it's a bit too much for me! I'm also not a fan of the smell/taste of this product. I didn't taste it intentionally but when applying it I find you get the taste of the product even when it's near your lips. I don't know if that makes sense to you or if any of you have experienced this? But it does give a lovely tint to the lips and I'm surprised that the tint lasts for so long before wearing off.

Overall I'm really pleased I bought Lollitint both colour-wise and for the product itself. I definitely can't compare it to any other cheek and lip products I own and I'm definitely going to get a lot of use out of it. 

Have you tried Lollitint? Or any of the other tints? Which one is your favourite?


21 March 2014

March Birchbox

Welcome to my March Birchbox post! I apologise for slipping slightly with my posting schedule of every other day. I've been feeling a bit run down this week and sure enough I've developed a full blown cold the last couple of days so feel lousy! But I finally have a day off to rest and catch up with my blog! 

This months box is a collaboration with Lulu Guinness and is packed with products to put a spring in your step. 
I absolutely love the cover over the box as it's really striking with the black, white and a pop of colour. I'm also pleased to see that they have stuck with the drawstring bag inside and not resorted to tissue paper again!

Korres Citrus Body Milk

I'm pretty sure I've seen Korres products before but I've definitely never tried any. I'm intrigued to try this body milk as I'm always on the hunt for new body products that aren't sticky. A full size costs £9.50.

Molton Brown Rhubarb & Rose Replenishing Hand Cream

Oh my this hand cream smells amazing! Although it's Rhubarb & Rose, it really reminds me of rhubarb and custard sweets. I have trouble finding hand creams that don't irritate my eczema so it's nice to try samples like this rather than waste money buying the full size for £10 for me not to be able to use it. 

Benefit Stay Don't Stray

I'm a fan of Benefit but I haven't tried many eye primers regardless of the brand. The only eye primer I've used is Urban Decay's Primer Potion so it'll be interesting to see how this compares to it. A full size primer will cost you £20.50.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Pore Refiner

Well everyone loves a good pore minimising product at the moment. There are so many similar products, of which I've tried several. It'll be interesting to compare this one to the others as this is definitely a higher end choice as a full size will cost £39!

English Laundry Signature For Her Eau de Parfum

I've never heard of this fragrance before but it smells quite nice. I wouldn't say it's a scent that I would go out and buy and I'm a little disappointed about receiving a perfume sample as these are free to pick up in stores such as Boots or fragrance shops. Full price bottles retail from £16. 

Candy Rock

This is such a cute touch to the box as it represents the sweet shops that inspired Lulu Guinness' SS14 collection. 

Overall this is probably the worst box I've received. Although it's not bad at all and I'm still pleased with the products included as I'll use them all. It was just a slight let down that one product was a sample you can get for free. 

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get in your box? Or have you tried any of these products?


18 March 2014

NOTD - CND Shellac Decadence

Recently, I went and had Shellac done for the first time. You can see my post about it here. I absolutely loved the finish but was slightly disappointed that it came off after only a week! So I went somewhere else to see if they were better. I chose to have Decadence put on. It actually looks darker in real life and slightly more burgundy - more like the bottle shade I guess!

I was really pleased with the colour and the new nail bar I went to, however the same thing happened again and they came off in less than a week! I went back and complained this time and so they did them again for me for free! If the same thing happens again I think I'm going to accept that it's not for me or maybe try gels instead! 

Do you get shellac? Have you had any problems with it lasting? Or do you prefer gel?


17 March 2014

Dinner Date - Wagamama

Welcome to topic 6 of the 2014 Blogger Challenge. The theme for this post was Food. I wasn't sure what to post about but then I went out for dinner and decided that's what I would blog about. Ben, my boyfriend has decided he wants to be known on my blog as Ben, not as the boyf or boyfriend etc. So Ben came to visit and we decided to go for dinner. Ben has never been to Wagamama so I decided this had to change! 

Date night selfie 

So having decided this is what I would post about, I promptly forgot to take photos of our starter! I think we were so hungry that we just dug in without even thinking! 

Pictures from Wagamama website. L-R: Chilli Squid, Duck Gyoza and Tori Kara Age (deep fried chicken). 

Now I'm very boring when it comes to main meals in Wagamama because I always go for a Chicken Ramen! I just love how simple it is yet so tasty too!

Now, Wagamama is Ben's type of food. He loved the look of so many things on the menu so it took a while for him to decide. And in the end I think I made the decision for him because he was so torn! He went for their new Duck Ramen, which I have to say I was very tempted with!

And of course I had to take a picture of me stealing Ben's Wagamama virginity! He was very impressed with the food and enjoyed it even more as I was paying! It's definitely going to become one of his favourites and no doubt we will have to go back so he can try all the other yummy dishes on the menu!

What do you think of Wagamama? What's your favourite dish? Or are you like Ben and have never been?


14 March 2014

Boots Haul

Before I get started I just wanted to say a massive thank you to my friend Hannah who mentioned me in her latest Youtube video. If you want to check her channel out (and subscribe!), you can find her at BeautyByHan

As I now work within a Boots, it is extremely hard to hold back on spending money, especially now I have my discount card! Although I have to admit that all items pictured were actually bought over 3 visits to Boots and at the time I didn't have my discount card! 

On my first trip to Boots, I bought the No7 Make Up Brush Cleanser, Rimmel Fix & Perfect Primer and both the lip liners. I already use the No7 brush cleaner but am right at the end of a bottle so this was just a repurchase. I'm also a sucker for trying new primers so thought I would see what the new Rimmel one is like. So far I'm not a fan but maybe things will change! I also decided I needed new lip liners in my life. I bought a red one from Rimmel and a pinky one from Max Factor (details below). 

On my second trip to Boots, I bought the No7 Beautiful Skin Exfoliator and the Bourjois Rouge Edition Lipstick in 11 Fraise Remix. I was after a new exfoliator and so on my managers recommendation I bought this one to try and so far I am loving it! She decided to buy this lipstick and as I loved it so much (and it was 3 for 2) I decided to buy one too! 

Finally I popped in the other day to buy some shaving foam and ended up leaving with not only shaving foam but also, Nivea's In Shower Body Moisturiser, a new mini hairbrush for my bag as my current one is rubbish and a Tangle Teezer. I'm awful at moisturising after having a shower because I never have the time to sit and wait for the moisturiser to soak in, so when a colleague bought this to try I was intrigued so bought my own! I've used it once so far and love it, so keep your eyes peeled for a review soon! A new mini hairbrush is fairly self explanatory and every girl should own a Tangle Teezer so that was a must! I don't know how I've survived without one for so long!

Bourjois Lipstick in 11 Fraise Remix, Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Red Diva & Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Liner in Pink Princess

I absolutely love this lip shade for spring summer. It's a nice pinky coral and I love that although it's quite bold it's not neon like some of the spring/summer shades. I also love this range from Bourjois as the formula is super creamy and they actually last quite a while too! 

So there you have my latest purchases from Boots. No doubt there will be plenty more Boots Hauls to come now I have my discount card so keep your eyes peeled!

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Or are there any you want to try?


13 March 2014

A Naughty MAC Purchase … Or Two

I have been loving my latest MAC Lipstick Additions that I received for Valentines Day. However last week I was on twitter when I saw a couple of lovely bloggers talking about 10% discount off MAC lipsticks on the Debenhams website. I know 10% isn't a lot but every little helps when you're spending £15 on a lipstick! I couldn't resist as I have a list of shades that is growing by the day. So you guessed it, I ordered not 1 but 2. 

Vegas Volt has been the top of my wish list for a while now so I knew that would be going straight into my basket. I then had a look at all the other shades on my list and finally settled with Impassioned as I think it's going to be a lovely shade for spring/summer and I've seen lots of good reviews too! Admittedly they don't look very different, however once swatched you can tell that there is a difference and I'm not going mad and ordering 2 of the same shade!

I absolutely love Vegas Volt because I'm a sucker for coral coloured lipsticks. I particularly like this one because it has more of an orange tinge to it, which is unlike any of my other coral lipsticks. I'm not a fan of orange lipsticks at all because I don't think they suit me but I love this one! I also love Impassioned because you can't go wrong with a lovely pink lipstick! Both of these are from the Amplified Creme range, which I love because they give you a nice bold colour with a bit of shine. 

What do you think of my choices? Do you own either of these shades? 


10 March 2014

A Welcome To Dior Gift

As I'm sure many of you know through my blog and twitter, I now work for Dior. Dior launched a new men's fragrance last week and the night before it launched we had training. On the fragrance training, I received a little goodie bag from my area manager as a welcome to Dior present. This was such a lovely touch, especially as the contents of the bag came to over £100! I absolutely love the Miss Dior fragrance range and was so tempted to buy this new one but I'm pleased I waited! Here's a look at the lipstick and nail varnish...

I received both the Rouge Dior Lipstick and Dior Vernis Nail Lacquer in the shade 999. This is Dior's signature red and it's so lovely. I love the Rouge Dior range as all the lip shades are so creamy and they are perfect for keeping lips from drying out. This is a beautiful red as although it's bold, I don't feel like it's too overpowering. 

I would definitely recommend wearing a lipliner with this lipstick as I find it does tend to bleed a little without one. It's also lovely as you don't need to apply lots of layers to create a bold colour, one quick swipe over the lips and you're ready to go!

What do you think of the goodies I received? Are you a fan of Dior? Do you own any of these products?


I just wanted to say that although I received these gifts and did not purchase them myself, I am not being paid to write about any Dior products. If I was, all products would be marked and regardless of working for them my opinions would be 100% honest. 

7 March 2014

Dior Makeup Wish List

Some of you may know that I recently started working for Dior … and if you didn't you do now! I am absolutely loving it and it doesn't even feel like work! The only problem is that working with makeup, skincare and fragrance all day means I've spent my bank balance in my head about 50 times over in one day at work. I've been getting to know all the products so haven't bought any yet, but that's definitely going to change VERY soon. So I thought I would create a wish list to share with you a few of the makeup products I've already added to my ever-growing list.  

Diorskin Nude Concealer in 001 - Ivory
Sourcils Poudre Powder Eyebrow Pencil in 593 - Brown
Diorblush Trianon Edition in 763- Corail Bagatelle
5 Couleurs Eyeshadow Palette in 970 - Stylish Move
Diorshow Iconic Overcurl Mascara in 090 - Black
Dior Vernis - Spring 2014 Limited Edition in 457 - Bouquet
Diorskin Nude Foundation in 010 - Ivory
Dior Addict Lipstick in 465 - Singuliere
Rouge Dior - Rouge Serum Lipstick in 670 - Pink Diva Serum
Rouge Dior Lipstick in 028 - Mazette

As you can see from the product pictures I seem to be loving coral at the moment! I can promise you it wasn't intentional! I'm already using a sample of the Nude foundation and I absolutely love it and I have tested the concealer too and it's lovely. It's a lovely consistency and I would go as far as to say that it's actually very similar to the Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, which I know is a cult beauty product! I can't wait to spend some well earned money and treat myself to a few new goodies! Although I'm not sure the point of earning money is to then spend it on the company you work for but hey ho, how can I resist these beauts. 

Have you tried any of these products? What do you think of them? Or are any of them on your wish list? 


5 March 2014

Shellac - My First Time

Welcome to topic 5 of the 2014 Blogger Challenge. The topic this time is nails and I was so excited about this post as I knew it would be something completely different for me!

As I'm sure most of you know by now, I am a massive nail varnish addict. I own over 100 bottles of nail varnish and can't leave Superdrug or Boots without buying a new one! I've been good lately though after putting myself on a nail varnish spending ban! Until last week when I bought 3 new ones … oops! Bring a pro hoarder of every nail colour under the sun, I usually paint my own nails. However having just started working for Dior, I can't be dealing with redoing my nails every 2-3 days. So I decided to introduce myself to the addictive world of Shellac and gel manicures! 

I am literally in love with them already as my nails are so soft and I can't stop looking at them! I decided to go for a pillar box red shade with a subtle shimmer as we're releasing a new men's fragrance at work tomorrow so I thought red was more appropriate than bright pink!

What do you think of the shade I went for? Do you get Shellac/gel nails? Any colour recommendations for next time?


3 March 2014

February Favourites

Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette

I finally caved and bought the Naked 3 Palette at the beginning of February. I'm so pleased I did because I've been loving it and have barely used any of my other eyeshadows. I love that all the shades are really wearable and that they can all be worn with each other.  

Garnier Body Intensive 7 Days Nourishing Lotion

I've heard great things about this body lotion and also saw this featured on another blog although my memory fails me and I can't remember whose blog it was! Anyway I love anything mango scented so decided to try this for myself. I don't know how I survived without it! I have never used such a fast absorbing lotion before, which is great because I hate sticky creams that take ageeees to soak in!

Real Techniques Powder Brush

Along with many others, I love all the RT brushes and own quite a few! For powder I used to use a MAC brush, however my one has seen better days and is really past its best now. So I decided to treat myself to a new powder brush and of course it had to be the Real Techniques one! I absolutely love it and it was definitely a worthwhile investment!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light

This has been a product in my makeup kit for quite a while now. Originally I had the Medium shade but it was far too dark and the Light shade is perfect! I use this daily and take it out with me too for touch ups during the day. 

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft & Gentle

This was a product that had been on my wish list for quite some time. I finally caved in and bought it at the beginning of January with my MAC voucher. I absolutely love it and it's the perfect highlight. 

The Body Shop Tea Tree Pore Minimiser 

I bought this way back in November to try because I was fed up with my makeup sitting in my pores and highlighting them for the world to see. I tried it and absolutely hated it. I didn't like being able to smell the tea tree throughout the day and it made my makeup so patchy. However I recently decided to try it again and I have fallen in love with it. It's so soothing and creates the perfect base for my foundation. I have no idea why I hated it so much before!

The Body Shop Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream

I love the Vitamin E range from The Body Shop and already own a fair few products from the range. This was one product I hadn't tried so when they emailed me with a promotion I decided to give it a try. I absolutely love this and use it as my daily moisturiser now as it gives me a lovely subtle glow without being a bright and shiny beacon!

Maybelline Dream Touch Blush in 07 Plum

I've wanted to try a cream blush for a while now and came across this one whilst having a mooch online. On Feel Unique this blush comes in three shades, however in Boots, it only comes in this shade. On FU the Plum shade was sold out so I ordered it from Boots instead as it seemed like a popular choice. I absolutely love the shade and although it's called Plum, it's actually quite pinky. I love the consistency and finish of this so definitely want to try the other shades now!

The Body Shop Brow Definer in Brunette

I'm a big fan of MAC's Eye Brows which I've used for quite a while now. However for £13 it is quite expensive, so I decided to look for a cheaper brow pencil and save my MAC one for special occasions. I ordered this one from The Body Shop when they had 40% off which meant instead of £8 I got it for £4.80. I'm not sure I would pay full price for this but it's the perfect shade and a lovely consistency. 

Finally I have a couple of non-beauty favourites this month too…

The first of my non-beauty favourites is this No Wheat chocolate and orange wafer bar. I have to admit the packaging isn't exactly enticing but I have definitely formed an addiction to these! I'm not meant to be eating wheat or chocolate at the moment so these are the perfect substitute being wheat and dairy free!

My second non-beauty favourite is my new phone case. I've been after a new phone case for a while as my one had seen better days and had cracks all over it! I took to ebay to find a new one and saw this one. I'm a fan of the Lion King but the main reason for buying it was the meaning behind Hakuna Matata. 

What were your February favourites? Were any of them the same as mine?