19 February 2014

February Birchbox

Welcome to my February Birchbox post! I don't think my excitement of receiving these each month is ever going to wear off! I always know roughly when it's going to arrive but it's still always such a nice surprise! This months box is all about London Fashion Week and loving your style. All the products aim to fit into your personal routine. 

I was so pleased that this months box had included the products in the drawstring bag. I think quite a few people were disappointed last month when there was no bag and the products were just in a piece of tissue paper. I know I certainly was.

Eyeko Skinny Liquid Eyeliner

I've heard a lot of good things about Eyeko but have never tried any of their products. I'm excited to try this as I love trying different eyeliners. This one claims to help you create a feline flick and ensure a tidy line. A full size eyeliner will cost you £12. 

Leighton Denny Nail Colour

I've never heard of this range and feel very guilty considering I'm such a nail varnish addict! I received the shade Coconutty, which is a light milk chocolate shade with gold shimmer. These polishes are high performance and retail at £11. 

Beauty Protector Protect & Oil

I absolutely love the Protect & Detangle spray in this range that I received in my December Birchbox so I'm hoping for great things from this oil! It's an exclusive launch aiming to battle UV rays, heat and breakage. What I really like is that it is suitable for all hair types. A full size version will cost you £16. 

Green & Black's Dark Chocolate

This was a nice little extra in the box. I love Green & Black's chocolate and although I'm not a massive fan of dark chocolate, I'm certainly not complaining! 

Gilchrist & Soames The London Collection Shower Gel

Again this is another brand that I've never heard of before but it smells amazing so I'm already in love with it! This shower gel is a paraben-free formula with red tea, grape seed and milk thistle which aims to refresh and hydrate skin. I'm so excited to try this as I think the scent is going to smell 100 times better once lathered up! 
A full size shower gel costs £13.75.

Urbanveda Radiance Exfoliating Facial Polish

I have a feeling I've heard of Urbanveda before but I have no idea why as I didn't know what they sold! This face polish is a gentle exfoliator packed with superfruits for a radiant and youthful complexion, which again smells lovely! I'm looking forward to trying this as I'm not a fan of harsh scrubs so hopefully this one will be a winner. If it is I would definitely consider buying the full size as it's a reasonable price at £8.99. 

I'm really impressed with the box this month as I know I will definitely use everything included. I think this is probably the best box I received so far and that's saying something as I've loved them all. 

Do you subscribe to Birchbox? What did you get in your box? Or have you tried any of these products?



  1. Wow, yours is so much better than mine! But it could be that I am in the US. Mine were just in tissue paper. Most of mine I won't use. So I'm sad, but I don't think I could stop getting these! I still love getting them and then trading with my friends who also get boxes! That Leighton Denny is gorgeous! I have one of their polishes and love the formula!

    1. Ah yeah that's probably it because I had a look at some posts about the box and realised the US was different! Aw that's such a shame that it was so disappointing! But it's a great idea to trade with friends! I haven't tried the nail polish yet but I'm excited to! X

  2. Looks like a good round-up this month - they seem to all be better now I've stopped subscribing! Grass is always greener ;)


    1. Aw such bad luck! I think it's just complete luck as to who they can get products from! X


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